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Stifel Independent Advisors Launches Women Owners’ Network
Cindy Boyle, President, Freehold Wealth Management, and Tim Boostrom, COO, Stifel Independent Advisors
Cindy Boyle, President, Freehold Wealth Management, and Tim Boostrom, COO, Stifel Independent Advisors

In a bid to foster greater inclusion and professional development within wealth management, Stifel Financial announced that its subsidiary, Stifel Independent Advisors, successfully completed its inaugural Women Owners’ Network (WON) event. The event aimed to bring together women advisors from across the firm for a day dedicated to education, networking and empowerment.

The gathering saw participation from women executives and advisors, notably including representatives from the newly affiliated Stofan Agazzi Investments and Columbia Crest Financial Advisors. These firms together manage client assets nearing $1 billion, underscoring the significant influence of female-led financial services within Stifel’s ecosystem.

Empowering Women

The WON initiative draws inspiration from Stifel Financial’s established Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), adapting its framework to address the specific challenges female independent business owners face. Both programs aim to empower women within the firm, promoting their professional growth through networking, mentoring and education.

The inception of WON can be traced back to an informal collaboration among some of Stifel Independent Advisors’ top female advisors, spearheaded by Cindy Boyle, President of Freehold Wealth Management.

Leadership Support

Tim Boostrom, Chief Operating Officer of Stifel Independent Advisors, emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting women in wealth management. “We are dedicated to promoting the professional growth of women in wealth management, not only because it supports our mission as a company, but more importantly because it is the right thing to do. The WON event was terrific, and I’d like to thank Cindy and her peers, who took time out of their practices to help us with the planning, promotion, and execution of the event. We look forward to getting together every year.”

Collaborative Efforts

The event featured keynote speeches from renowned personalities, including celebrity chef Vivian Howard and Mary Alice Monroe, a New York Times bestselling author. Their addresses provided attendees with insights into overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities, both professionally and personally, according to SIA.

Vivian Howard, celebrity chef
Vivian Howard, celebrity chef

Boyle highlighted the collaborative spirit and actionable ideas that emerged. “It was exciting to be part of Stifel Independent Advisors’ inaugural WON event, which brought a wonderful group of inspiring women together for a great day of learning, community building, and idea sharing. Several actionable ideas came out of our time together that we will pursue with management, including creating a women’s succession, acquisition, and business continuity program to match women looking to exit the business with those in growth mode.”

Boostrom added, “One of the smartest things we can do as leaders of financial firms is to listen to our advisor partners and create environments for them to feel valued and heard. This approach fosters the creativity that can ultimately generate great ideas like WON and our recent event.”

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