Keep Momentum For Lead Generation And Prospecting During Summer

Marketing Experts From F2, Snappy Kraken And Savvy Wealth Discuss Making The Most Of Summer To Further Outreach To Prospective Clients

Advisors often get involved in many activities outside of work during summer – and so do potential clients. Some advisors view summer as a time to take their foot off the accelerator for outreach and cultivating leads and prospects. Others view it as a time to get ahead or prepare for fall.

We spoke with three marketing experts on steps advisors can take during summer to keep momentum and further the pursuit of potential clients: Jeremy Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer at F2 Strategy; Robert J. Sofia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Snappy Kraken; and Rajat Deva, Head of Marketing at Savvy Wealth.

We asked each of them: How can advisors be proactive during the slower summer months to continue the momentum on lead generation and engaging prospects?

Their responses follow.

Jeremy Jackson, CMO, F2 Strategy

Jeremy Jackson, CMO, F2 Strategy
Jeremy Jackson, CMO, F2 Strategy

Many advisors worry about losing momentum on lead generation and nurturing prospects during the summer months as kids are home, families go on vacation and warm weather lures people away from their desks. Savvy advisors realize they actually have an opportunity to stand out from the competition and set the stage for a productive “back to school” season.

Five tips we share with advisors during the summer months:

Claim a greater share of voice while others rest: Instead of sending straightforward wealth-related content, post and email content in-line with “summer brain.” Think book reviews, financial tips during vacation season or reposting fun articles about the financial outlook for the pickleball industry.

Host a community event: Think pickleball or an ice cream truck – people want to be outdoors eating or playing sports. Why not host a client appreciation event and invite your top prospects?

Prepare for “back to school”: Develop content and marketing materials around education savings, estate planning and other content that may appeal to parents and grandparents as the country gets back into their routines.

Tackle your tech: Use the time in the summer to update your CRM, pre-load content in your automated delivery systems (e.g., social, blog, website or email) and perhaps finally consider that AI chatbot you keep reading about.

Update your website: If you’re setting the stage for “back to school” and holiday campaigns, get your website ready to receive that traffic by updating content, and developing landing pages so there’s a seamless user experience from your outreach to their clicks.

Robert J. Sofia, Chairman And CEO, Snappy Kraken

Robert J. Sofia, Chairman & CEO, Snappy Kraken
Robert J. Sofia, Chairman & CEO, Snappy Kraken

Summer is often seen as a time to relax, but for advisors, it’s crucial to maintain momentum in lead generation and client engagement. As advisors lose clients primarily due to poor communication – not market performance – staying in touch can prevent dissatisfaction, retain clients and attract prospects.

First, automate it! Automation tools, which require an investment of just 30 to 60 minutes each month, help maintain a strong marketing presence without sacrificing summer plans. Set up your automations before taking time off to ensure consistent engagement with minimal effort.

Send biweekly emails addressing current events and market conditions, providing insights, reassurance and valuable information tailored to your clients’ needs. This serves to keep clients informed and strengthens your relationship.

Set up an automated prospect nurturing series, which sends weekly messages to new opt-ins that come inbound from your website or other sources. Include educational content, testimonials and calls to action to build trust, stay top of mind and increase lead conversion.

Record monthly video updates on financial concepts to add a personal touch. These quick, easy videos can be done anywhere (e.g., golf course, poolside or car) with your phone.

Leverage social media by posting daily to stay connected and improve visibility. Share industry insights, tips, client success stories and personal updates to foster genuine connections and establish yourself as a trusted expert.

Implementing these strategies can help foster continuous growth and client satisfaction, even during slower summer months. Don’t miss out on opportunities – stay proactive and maintain strong marketing efforts.

Rajat Deva, Head Of Marketing, Savvy Wealth

Rajat Deva, Head of Marketing, Savvy Wealth
Rajat Deva, Head of Marketing, Savvy Wealth

Slower summer months can be the perfect time for advisors to proactively focus on lead generation and engaging prospects. While it’s tempting to relax, advisors can use this time to plant the seeds for the next harvest of new clients.

One key strategy is to double down on prospecting. Use the extra time to focus on your audience niche, identify new potential clients and network like crazy. Think of it as your summer fitness plan – the more reps you put in now, the stronger your pipeline will be.

Another smart move is to focus on creating killer content for your website, blog and social channels. Not only does this demonstrate your expertise and keep you top of mind with prospects, but it also boosts your SEO over time. Google loves fresh, relevant content, so it’s imperative to beef up your website, too.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of old-school, offline tactics. In a digital world, a handwritten postcard or personalized note can really stand out. Plus, offline outreach can diversify your marketing mix, enabling you to connect with folks who may not be glued to their screens 24/7.

Don’t let the summer months affect your momentum. Stay proactive, get creative and keep nurturing those relationships – your future self (and book of business) will thank you.

Michael Madden, Contributing Editor and Research Analyst at Wealth Solutions Report, can be reached at

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