Docupace Exec On Diversity And Innovation

Liz Pavlik Discusses The Benefits Of Diversity For Business And The Ongoing Shift From Administrative Tasks To Strategic Initiatives
Liz Pavlik, EVP – Product Management, Docupace
Liz Pavlik, EVP – Product Management, Docupace
Janeesa Hollingshead, Contributing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report
Janeesa Hollingshead, Contributing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report

Docupace’s Liz Pavlik, EVP – Product Management, is an expert in innovating solutions for the wealth management industry. Today, she shares her insights into the transformative power of advancements in wealth platforms for financial advisors.

With a focus on addressing compliance requirements and enhancing client experiences, she discusses how technology has shifted advisors’ attention from administrative tasks to strategic growth and client-centric services.

Pavlik also advocates for diversity and inclusion in financial services and technology. She makes the case that by fostering inclusive environments that harness diverse perspectives, expertise and networks, organizations can fuel idea generation and implement strategies that resonate with diverse client bases.

Diverse and inclusive teams are the key to unlocking innovation!

WSR: Your career journey demonstrates a dedication to delivering innovative solutions in wealth management. From your experience, how do you believe advancements in wealth platforms empower financial advisors, particularly in addressing compliance requirements and enhancing client experiences?

Pavlik: Over my career, I’ve seen wealth management platforms transform a financial advisor’s focus from an operational mindset to growing their practice and improving client experiences.  Technology is reducing the workload on advisors through the automation of administrative tasks, enhanced data analytics and tracking regulatory changes. These advancements have enabled managers to focus more on tailored investment strategies, growing client assets, client communication and scaling their practice with confidence in an ever-changing regulatory climate.

WSR: Your commitment to supporting women in financial services and technology is evident throughout your career. How do you see diversity and inclusion initiatives contributing to not only a more equitable workplace but also to driving innovation and better client outcomes within the industry?

Pavlik: Diverse and inclusive teams are the key to unlocking innovation! Bringing together people from different backgrounds connects different perspectives, expertise and networks. Inclusion and diversity not only have an impact on an organization’s employees but are driving the idea generation needed to support a diverse client base as well. Diverse teams can learn from each other’s differences, re-conceive ideas and apply what they learn to implement practical business strategies and generate more successful outcomes.

WSR: Your collaboration with various firms has led to transformative changes in the advisor and investor experience. What is one such collaboration that has improved client interactions and streamlined operations, ultimately benefiting both advisors and their clients?

Pavlik: Docupace is re-envisioning our user experience, engaging users to assist in shaping the product, and stays with our partners from concept through the execution phase. Collaborating with our team to deliver a modern and easily accessible interface gives more control and empowerment to the end user, catapulting their productivity. By simplifying the experience between investor, advisor and the back office, we aren’t only providing technology. We are delivering the building blocks for successful relationships.

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