Osaic’s Shah On Strategies To Empower Women And The Firm’s Strategic Vision

Pathfinder Winner Explains Strategies For Our Industry To Empower Women For Senior Roles And Discusses Osaic’s Objectives For Next 3 To 5 Years
Dimple Shah, EVP, Head of Corporate Strategy, Osaic
Dimple Shah, EVP, Head of Corporate Strategy, Osaic

The Pathfinder Awards shine a spotlight on outstanding achievement, careers and leadership in people from backgrounds and communities that are underrepresented in wealth management. It also provides an opportunity for winners to speak to the WSR readership about DEI issues and more.

We named Dimple Shah as Strategy Executive of the Year for the Pathfinder Awards – Top Women Industry Leaders of 2024, coinciding with Women’s History Month. Shah arrived at

Osaic’s predecessor firm, Advisor Group, in 2022 as EVP, Head of Corporate Strategy. In her role, she focuses on growth initiatives and serves on Osaic’s Executive Committee.

Since she joined Osaic, the firm experienced a 240% gain in recruited assets in 3Q 2023 versus the same period in 2022, and in December 2023 Osaic acquired Lincoln Wealth. Prior to Osaic, she held a similar role at LPL Financial, during which she oversaw the development of LPL’s Independent Advisor Institute.

We asked Shah about corporate strategies to empower women for senior roles and Osaic’s strategic vision and objectives.

WSR: You joined Osaic as the Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Strategy in May of 2022 and have been part of a significant realignment and repositioning of the company. What is your strategic vision for the firm, and how do you work with the broader team to implement these strategies?

Shah: Our vision for the firm is to be the destination of choice for growth-oriented, entrepreneurial financial advisors who serve everyday Americans and make a meaningful difference in their lives. We made a bold decision last year to bring together our eight entities into a newly imagined, forward-looking Osaic brand as part of a “Journey to One.”

This year, we are focused on the “Power of One,” which is the capabilities and differentiated value-added offerings we deliver to advisors through a unified and simplified operating platform. We are maintaining our heritage of entrepreneurialism as we grow through organic, advisor-driven communities. Our industry-leading growth solutions for advisors include structured educational programs, coaching, consulting and high-net-worth capabilities.

We provide flexibility and choice for advisors, both in terms of affiliation model, as well as technology and custodial solutions. This is all offered at simplified and competitive pricing. We have an incredible and diverse team, which is driven to create the best platform and partnership model in the industry for the advisors we serve and make it easier for them to be the best advisors they can be for their clients.

WSR: As you look out over the next three to five years, what are your primary objectives for the company?

Shah: As we look forward, our objective is to become the destination of choice for financial advisors who want to grow. What is exciting about this is that our industry is experiencing several transition points, creating tremendous opportunities for advisors who are prepared to capitalize on them.

Our industry is experiencing several transition points, creating tremendous opportunities for advisors.

By 2032, 40% of financial advisors across the industry are expected to seek a transition in their businesses. By 2030, investible assets controlled by women are expected to triple to $30 trillion from $10 trillion in 2020. These demographic shifts present an incredible opportunity for advisors who are equipping themselves and their businesses to take advantage of them.

Some of the ways we are helping advisors prepare for these opportunities include helping them understand how to successfully acquire and transition a business, engage in client conversations differently and connect across generations, and develop a planning and team-based practice. Of course, all of this is underpinned by a platform that makes it easier for advisors to run their businesses and frees up time so they can be focused on their clients.

WSR: Prior to joining Osaic in this senior executive role, you held similar positions with other larger firms, including serving as LPL’s Head of Corporate Strategy. As a woman, what would you say is the most pressing issue that needs to change to empower more women to take on these kinds of roles? What kinds of big-picture corporate strategies could help initiate these changes?

Shah: I think there are a few issues that can empower more women to take on senior roles.  The first is leadership and hiring or promoting more women into senior business roles. One fact we are proud of at Osaic is that nearly 50% of our Executive Committee is comprised of women.  We know that if we want to continue to be an industry leader in attracting and supporting women advisors while establishing a culture that promotes the development of women internally, it starts at the top. When women see other women in senior positions, it raises their confidence in their own aspirations and beliefs in what they can achieve.

The second is hybrid and remote work flexibility. Women now make up almost half of U.S. workers and nearly 78% of U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 54 are working or looking for work. These historic numbers have been aided by increased flexibility over the past few years, driven primarily by the pandemic. How we sustain these levels of women’s engagement in the workforce while we “return to the office” will be critical to the future growth of women in leadership roles.

We can learn a lot from models in other countries that have high levels of women in leadership roles.

Lastly, I believe we can learn a lot from models in other countries that have high levels of women in leadership roles. In Europe in particular, we see strong models of how business and government work together to create structural conditions that make it easier for working moms to balance a successful career with being a primary caregiver.

Janeesa Hollingshead, Contributing Editor at Wealth Solutions Report, can be reached at editor@wealthsolutionsreport.com.

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