Orion General Counsel On Community And Inclusion Of Perspectives

Pathfinder Winner Beach Explains How Mentorship, Community And Diverse Perspectives Strengthen The Industry, Relates What Inspires Her In Her Career
Kylee Beach, General Counsel, Orion Advisor Solutions
Kylee Beach, General Counsel, Orion Advisor Solutions

As we recognize excellence among our industry’s women leaders in honor of Women’s History Month, we also provide a platform for winners to address the wealth management industry about the advancement of women and other topics, including Kylee Beach, General Counsel of Orion Advisor Solutions. Beach won the Pathfinder Award in this month’s Top Women Industry Leaders of 2024, in the category of Legal Officer of the Year.

Beach oversees legal matters across all Orion entities including contracts, intellectual property and corporate matters. She also supervises the risk and compliance teams and serves as the Chair of the Executive Risk Committee.

We asked her how the industry is doing with regard to empowering women and her inspiration to enter a legal career in wealth management.

WSR: How is the wealth management industry doing with regards to empowering women? What needs to happen next?

Beach: While I’ve witnessed more females entering our industry as thought leaders, executives, innovators, advisors and investors, more can be done. Some key areas that need continued focus include increasing the representation of women in leadership positions, ensuring females have the same opportunities for career advancement as their male counterparts, investing in educational initiatives to increase financial literacy and empower female investors and advisors to confidently and successfully manage investment outcomes for themselves and their clients, and creating more mentorship and support programs. It is this last area – mentorship and support, that I personally am most passionate about.

I believe opportunities to interact with, learn from, and be inspired by female leadership and male allies in wealth management have directly influenced my own career path and enriched my dedication to this industry. I love the sense of community that we’re creating and how we can build upon our individual and collective experiences. It’s essential to do more of that and to expand our reach to be more inclusive of other perspectives that historically haven’t been as prevalent in our industry.

Shifting demographics, increased regulatory burdens and technological innovation are just a few of the key factors reshaping and disrupting our industry in profound ways. Including a diverse set of perspectives to navigate these forces will become key to driving further growth in wealth management and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. I strongly believe such inclusion will inevitably lead to better outcomes for investors.

WSR: What inspired you to enter a legal career and the wealth management industry?

Beach: I always wanted a career where I would be challenged and advocate for and help others. A legal career promised to fulfill these desires. I was further drawn to the wealth management industry because of its key role in helping individuals and families grow and protect their assets, plan for their financial future and achieve long-term financial goals.

Our industry is fortunate enough to truly change people’s everyday lives and the course of their future.

Our industry is fortunate enough to truly change people’s everyday lives and the course of their future. That’s a noble effort that energizes me and drives me to find ways to be supportive in my own way and through the skills and experiences I’ve gained as an attorney and in the compliance and risk management roles I’ve served.

Within our challenging regulatory environment, so much of the work that legal and compliance professionals do often goes unseen and exists in the background. However, it’s our ability to partner with regulators, advisors, business leaders and, ultimately, investors, that gives us an important lens through which to view our industry and evoke change.

Because regulation drives so much strategy in wealth management, I get the chance in my role at Orion to influence and put my mark on our business in ways that may not be possible in other fields. Whether it’s partnering with our product and development teams on ways to enhance advisor regulatory compliance through effective technology or collaborating with our leadership team and our advisors to deepen the advisor and client experience, I truly love what I do.

James Miller, Contributing Editor & Research Analyst at Wealth Solutions Report, can be reached at ContributingEd@wealthsolutionsreport.com.

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