Marcoms Roundtable: How AI Will Change Marcoms

Executives From, Gregory FCA And Impact Communications Describe The AI Future Of Wealth Management Marcoms

For over a year, our industry has been abuzz with discussions about the potential of AI – both good and bad – to change our industry. Fast forward to today, and we’re still in the early innings of implementation, though many companies have brought AI services into wealth management. In our December coverage of the MarketCounsel Summit, Craig Iskowitz predicted that there will be an AI advisor available in two years that will know more about you than you know.

With the sweeping changes AI is bringing across the industry, we wanted to specifically focus how AI will impact marcoms, so we reached out to Kerry Davis, SVP, Financial Services at Gregory FCA; Marie Swift, President and CEO of Impact Communications; and Kelly Waltrich, CEO of

We asked each of them: How will AI change the wealth management marcoms space?

Their responses follow.

Marie Swift, President And CEO, Impact Communications

Marie Swift, President & CEO, Impact Communications
Marie Swift, President & CEO, Impact Communications

Societally, the Intelligence Revolution we are experiencing could be even more significant than the Industrial Revolution. The Intelligence Revolution fundamentally alters the landscape of work, particularly in the realm of knowledge work – which is where wealthtech, wealth management and marketing communications teams like mine intertwine.

It may be helpful to think of today’s AI solutions as the equivalent of industrial machinery for manual labor, with machines shouldering the bulk of tasks while humans oversee operations. Consider how agricultural businesses and farms were transformed, for instance, by robotic milking or corn harvesting machines.

In the context of wealth management marcoms, AI is already aiding in data-driven decision-making, content creation, client engagement and personalized communications by analyzing vast datasets to tailor messages, while automation streamlines tasks, allowing human resources to focus on building relationships and other strategic endeavors.

Examples of amazing solutions for wealth management teams include Zocks, Powder, AdvisorX, Wealth Management GPT, FiN-Path, Catchlight, Catalyze, Remai and Sora Finance.

In addition to experimenting with solutions such as those above as we work hand-in-hand with our clients, as an agency, we are also using Fireflies, Canva, Adobe Firefly, Reword, ChatGPT, Grammarly, Semrush and Agility PR Co-Pilot.

These shifts represent a seismic change in how wealth management services and related marcom and PR work is being conducted, with AI enabling unprecedented levels of accuracy, efficiency and creativity.

Kerry Davis, SVP, Financial Services, Gregory FCA

Kerry Davis, SVP, Financial Services, Gregory FCA
Kerry Davis, SVP, Financial Services, Gregory FCA

AI has already changed the game for marketing communications in wealth management. For years, marketing initiatives languished due to the lack of time, resources or capabilities. AI has already shown that marketers can, in an afternoon, create timely, relevant content and eye-catching visuals to match something that might have taken a few days to do in the past. On the process side, a minority of marketers have taken advantage of the ability to create custom GPTs that OpenAI offers, and adoption there will advance efficiency.

Make no mistake, knowing your audience and reflecting empathy in your marketing still matters (and, in most cases, still requires human input). You still need the savvy and nuance a human can bring, but the efficiency that AI tools offer can help one or two people operate as a department of five or six – a huge cost savings for firms.

At Gregory FCA, we deliver marketing communications services using the advantages AI brings, such as a custom GPT to allow clients to identify their preferred voice and style for their written content. Where there is interest, we show our clients’ marketing teams how to use these tools themselves. This alignment of understanding allows us to think bigger in terms of what is possible in our combined efforts.

It wasn’t that long ago that marketing didn’t have a C-level place at the average wealth management firm. Today, AI allows marketing to have an even bigger impact under the savvy eye of these empowered marketing leaders.

Kelly Waltrich, CEO,

Kelly Waltrich, CEO,
Kelly Waltrich, CEO,

We often say AI can be a superpower for those who leverage it correctly. Sure, that’s a bit hyperbolic, but AI emboldens teams with new and different abilities they wouldn’t otherwise have. And, perhaps more impressively, allows them to move and perform at a pace never before possible.

In the marketing space specifically, it’s transforming the traditional delivery of so many initiatives. Full brands – I’m talking logos, color palettes, imagery, messaging, you name it – can now be built and applied to a firm’s core marketing assets with the click of a button.

Client interactions, including the channels, frequency and topics communicated on a regular basis, can now effortlessly be optimized to meet personalization preferences at scale.

Campaigns can be created more quickly, and implemented more expertly. And results can be tracked, synthesized and analyzed almost endlessly.

And the crazy part is we’re really just seeing the tip of the iceberg. But when you combine these types of marketing capabilities with other workflows liberating advisory firms from time-consuming operational and administrative tasks, AI is enabling advisors to build supercharged engines for growth in the digital age.

But paradoxically, it’s also helping them go back in time, so to speak, by giving them more time to focus on the granddaddy of growth: building meaningful client relationships.

And just like any good superhero, it’s this vertex – where human and non-human collide – where we find the best story.

Janeesa Hollingshead, Contributing Editor at Wealth Solutions Report, can be reached at

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