Alai Studios, Shaping Wealth Launch AI-Powered Assistant For Advisors

Lydia Is A New Behavioral Finance Assistant That Helps Advisors Better Understand Clients’ Emotional Needs.
Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO of Alai Studios; Shaping Wealth Founder Brian Portnoy
Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO of Alai Studios; Shaping Wealth Founder Brian Portnoy
Jeff Berman, Contributing Editor & Reporter, Wealth Solutions Report
Jeff Berman, Contributing Editor & Reporter, Wealth Solutions Report

Tech company Alai Studios and Shaping Wealth, a provider of coaching solutions for advisors, said Tuesday they launched Lydia, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered behavioral finance assistant designed to help advisors better understand their clients’ emotional needs.

Shaping Wealth is led by a team of experts in behavioral finance, psychology, neuroscience and financial planning.

The always-on Lydia augments advisors’ human skills in emotional intelligence, decision-making, collaboration and coaching, the companies said.

For now, Lydia engages advisors through three “conversational agents” with emergent intelligence in three separate themes: navigating hard conversations, behavioral marketing and “funded contentment” (money and happiness), the companies said.

Advisors who leverage Lydia will benefit from tailored, practical content the companies said was designed to enhance their effectiveness.

Advisors can discuss specific client scenarios with Lydia, get guidance on improved communication strategies and learn many new perspectives on the psychology of financial planning, according to the companies.

Lydia, “unlike legacy AI platforms,” remembers advisor identities and their interactions, allowing for continuous follow-up on advisors’ skill development and relationship building, the companies said. Through Alai’s patented technology, Lydia learns an advisor’s distinct learning style.

“Many more conversational agents will be developed over time,” the companies said.

“Lydia is an expression of our core belief at Alai that artificial intelligence can and should amplify human brilliance,” according to Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO of Alai Studios.

“We’re excited to share Lydia and help advisors develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their clients, all while delivering an exceptional service,” he said.

“At Shaping Wealth, we’re focused on transforming financial guidance’s essence through behavioral science,” according to Brian Portnoy, the company’s Founder. “Lydia embodies this mission by leveraging AI not just to inform but also to genuinely enrich the advisor-client dynamic,” he said.

Portnoy concluded, “Combined with the extensive suite of Shaping Wealth programming, Lydia illuminates the complex human emotions behind financial behaviors – and how to respond to them. This innovation can truly make a difference in people’s lives and help them achieve what we call ‘funded contentment’ – the ability to underwrite a meaningful life.”

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