Bold Moves Into The Digital Wealth Management Frontier

Arete And FusionIQ CEOs Discuss Their Partnership And Its Benefits For Financial Institutions And Retail Investors

Are you a platform or a wealth manager? Can you deliver the best of both worlds? As technology brings investing tools directly to consumers, traditional institutions – including credit unions and banks – are competing to become prime destinations for individual investors.

Sometimes, a platform that provides digital investing for all members can modernize a familiar, brick-and-mortar institution and support growth. Other times, digitally driven wealth managers undertake the heavy lifting for financial advisors with comprehensive offerings, and in partnership with solutions providers who are facilitating the digital evolution.

To learn how advisors can compete effectively with the direct-to-consumer digital wealth market and help clients achieve financial objectives, we reached out to Joshua D. Rogers, Founder and CEO of Arete Wealth, and Mark Healy, CEO of FusionIQ. With them, we delve into the transformative dynamics of Arete’s foray into bringing access to investments that were limited to institutional investors.

As partners, the two firms are bringing greater access through the integration of their digital wealth management platform into offerings of regional banks and credit unions. The convergence of expertise and innovation promises a paradigm shift in wealth management, heralding a new era of accessibility, sophistication and client-centricity.

WSR: With Arete Wealth entering the direct-to-consumer digital wealth market through Arete Investments, how do you envision this platform contributing to the firm’s overall growth strategy, expanding its reach while driving scalable growth for wealth management enterprises?

Joshua D. Rogers, Founder & CEO, Arete Wealth
Joshua D. Rogers, Founder & CEO, Arete Wealth

Rogers: Arete Wealth’s specialty focus enables individual investors to access investments typically reserved for institutional investors like pension funds, foundations and endowments. Now, in addition to our nationwide network of exceptional financial advisors, Arete’s wealth management advantage for investors is our ability to deliver rigorously reviewed, bespoke alternative investments in a brokerage or advisory capacity alongside traditional investments. Driving investor benefit by expanding access to Arete’s alternative investment platform is intended to increase both our client acquisition and assets under management.

WSR: What significant role has FusionIQ played in facilitating Arete Wealth’s venture into the direct-to-consumer digital wealth market?

Healy: Through FusionIQ’s expertise in delivering flexible technology solutions for digital wealth management, Arete Wealth can enhance its reach and provide a modern investment experience to clients, while also differentiating itself from other self-directed investment platforms.

Ultimately, FusionIQ’s partnership enables Arete Wealth to execute its growth strategy by expanding its digital footprint and delivering value-added services to a diverse range of investors. FusionIQ’s cloud native platform forms the backbone of this new initiative, allowing consumers access to a wide range of investment options.

WSR: Arete Investments aims to democratize access to alternative investments for retail investors. How does this initiative align with the firm’s newfound mission, on helping advisors and clients achieve their financial objectives at regional banks and credit unions?

Rogers: Adding alternative investments to a diversified portfolio strategy can significantly reduce risk over time, a key wealth management strategy many institutional investors have known for decades. Through Arete Investments, we enable individual investors at banks and credit unions to access more investment choices. When utilized at the right mix, Arete Wealth’s alternative investment platform could help “level the investment playing field” in favor of retail investors, given the expansion of their options.

WSR: How has FusionIQ facilitated democratized access to alternative investments for retail investors at regional banks and credit unions?

Mark Healy, CEO, Fusion IQ
Mark Healy, CEO, Fusion IQ

Healy: By providing an integrated digital wealth management platform, FusionIQ enables institutions to offer additional investing services tailored to their customers’ needs. Through FusionIQ’s all-in-one platform, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, for example, can now provide its members with a range of investment options, including self-directed investing and hybrid digital advice together in a single investor journey.

This comprehensive approach empowers individuals to make informed investment decisions while leveraging the expertise and resources of their financial institution. By integrating FusionIQ’s technology, credit unions and regional banks are enhancing customer services and fostering greater engagement with digital investing preferences.

WSR: The partnership with FusionIQ for the Arete Investments platform represents a digital transformation for Arete Wealth. How do you anticipate this transformation impacting the firm’s client base and its demographic makeup, and what opportunities does it open for Arete in the wealth management space?

Rogers: Arete Wealth’s robust alternative investment platform has attracted investors, financial professionals and sponsors to our wealth management solutions for over 15 years. Arete’s investment choices and our managing broker-dealer services create an ecosystem that truly differentiates and distinguishes our firm. By further securely democratizing alternative investments via FusionIQ’s digital technology solution, Arete Wealth can deliver our unique wealth management advantages to more investors and more sponsors, creating more opportunities for an elevated investing experience.

“By integrating FusionIQ’s technology, credit unions and regional banks are fostering greater engagement with digital investing preferences.”

Mark Healy

WSR: The partnership with Arete Wealth was another opportunity for FusionIQ to offer a solution that helps partners become digital wealth leaders. What were the advantages for FusionIQ in partnering with Arete?

Healy: FusionIQ’s technology solutions align with Arete’s vision of digital transformation in wealth management. By partnering with Arete, FusionIQ can showcase its innovative cloud native platform by advancing Arete’s goal of delivering a modern, seamless investment experience to its clients. We provide an easy on-ramp to digital transformation, and our integration with Arete to power their direct-to-consumer digital wealth platform is the future for firms looking to scale for profitable organic growth.

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