Pathfinder Winner Joyce: ‘Have A Service Mindset’

Prudential’s Delvin Joyce Discusses Serving Minority Markets, A Passion For Financial Literacy And What Observing NFL Teammates Taught Him About Financial Advice

As part of our celebration of Black History Month with the Pathfinder Awards – Top Black Industry Leaders of 2024, we provide a platform for wealth management leaders from underrepresented backgrounds to address the industry on issues of diversity and the needs of underrepresented communities.

In this article we hear from Delvin Joyce, Financial Planner at Prosperity Wealth Group, part of Prudential Advisors, who won a Pathfinder in the Financial Advisor Leaders category. Joyce is a committed promoter of financial literacy to empower communities, regularly participating in financial wellness seminars and volunteering time to financial literacy initiatives. Joyce emphasizes service to minority markets, particularly the African American community.

A former player for the NFL’s New York Giants, Joyce is among the top 10% of Prudential’s advisors by revenue and served in multiple leadership roles at the firm. In 2019, Black Enterprise Magazine named him as a BE Modern Man.

We asked Joyce about his career, financial literacy and the needs of minority markets.

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WSR: How did you move from an NFL career into wealth management?

Joyce: I didn’t go straight to the NFL after college, and I had a friend who worked at a financial services firm in the DC area who introduced me to the career and his firm. After sitting out of football for almost a year and working primarily as an insurance agent, I got a call from the New York Giants inviting me to a workout which ultimately led to me signing with them as an undrafted free agent.

After my NFL career ended three years later due to injury, I knew that I wanted to go back into financial services, but having seen some of the gaps that my NFL teammates had in their financial planning, I knew that I wanted to be a more holistic advisor. I also quickly learned that these gaps were consistent for people in all walks of life, not just professional athletes, so I decided to build my practice working with average, everyday people because I felt that’s where I could have the biggest impact.

WSR: How can advisors better serve minority markets?

Joyce: The first step in improving how advisors serve minority markets is having a service mindset. I often hear advisors boast about only working with ultra-high net worth clients, which in many cases, might exclude some minority clients who are of first-generation wealth and still ascending into that space. Our team has built our practice around serving these first-generation wealth and HENRY (high earners, not rich yet) clients who are passionate and enthusiastic about building generational wealth and reversing generational financial curses.

The other key to better serving minority markets is leading with financial planning rather than just selling products. Creating a written plan for clients, inspiring them to take action and holding their hands through the execution of that plan are vitally important to helping them achieve their objectives.

Financial literacy helps eliminate stress while helping people see money as a tool of empowerment.

WSR: Tell us about your passion for financial literacy.

Joyce: My parents taught me many important lessons growing up, but they were not equipped to give me any sort of guidance in financial matters. In fact, typically if finances were being discussed in our household, it was not a positive conversation. As I became educated in this industry, I learned that a lot of the financial burdens that I heard my parents and other family members describe could’ve been alleviated with simple financial planning concepts.

I’m passionate about improving the financial literacy of our clients and community because it helps eliminate stress and financial anxiety while helping people see money as a tool of empowerment rather than a weapon that works against them.

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