Snappy Kraken Previews Digital Marketing Strategy Report

Wealthtech Marketing Firm’s Upcoming Report To Highlight Importance Of And Strategies For Email, Video And SEO
Robert Sofia, CEO, Snappy Kraken; Angel Gonzalez, CMO, Snappy Kraken

Ormond Beach, Florida-based wealthtech marketing firm Snappy Kraken released a preview of its upcoming “State of Digital 2024” report, which will be available on Feb. 5, and unveiled to attendees at the T3 Technology Conference this week. The firm analyzed approximately 250 million points of data from campaigns sent by 10,000 advisors to gain insights for effective digital marketing strategies, with key findings in the areas of email marketing, video content and search engine optimization (SEO). The firm last conducted this analysis in 2021.

Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia, said, “This year’s findings highlight the success of advisors who prioritize SEO, building a quality email list, and using video content to regularly engage their audience. Their commitment to consistently nurturing connections, providing value and building trust is driving outsized results. At Snappy Kraken, we take pride in equipping these advisors with the necessary tools and insights to convert marketing efforts into measurable growth.”

The analysis reveals that advisors investing in SEO saw a 94% increase in unique new visitors to their websites, and a 93% increase in visitors who initiated sessions. Long-tail keywords, current Google Business profiles and “text me” widgets are effective, according to the report. The analysis indicates that texting is the most efficient tool for an immediate response, with a 97% faster response rate than email.

The report highlights the role of email as the top-performing marketing channel, with 55% of analyzed website traffic driven by emails, largely dependent on the quality of subject lines. Including videos in email campaigns shows a possibility of a 117% higher open rate and 120% higher click rate compared to text-only emails. The report concludes that advisors can no longer consider video optional.

The report indicates that the top 20% of performers maintain an email list of almost 5,100 clients and prospects, compared with an average of 800 for other advisors. The top performers also conduct an average of four marketing campaigns per month.

Snappy Kraken’s CMO, Angel Gonzalez, said, “The results of the top advisors using our platform showcase the power of sustained strategic marketing efforts. What’s more, these benchmarks can serve as a roadmap for others to follow. By analyzing what works best, every advisor on our platform can refine their strategies to achieve greater results. The power of data-driven insights can elevate marketing practices across the board.”

In August, Snappy Kraken launched an AI-based email builder for advisors. Since its founding in 2016, the firm has sent more than 100 million emails for advisors. In November, it partnered with LPL Financial to enable its approximately 22,000 affiliated advisors to use Snappy Kraken’s complete marketing system.

In March, the firm launched Freedom360, a marketing management system for advisors to strengthen client relationships and book appointments with prospects. This month, it partnered with Carl Richards, Creator of Behavior Gap, to develop an email-based course for advisors’ prospects.

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