Marcoms Roundtable: Keys To Marcoms For Wealthtech Firms

Executives From Gregory FCA, Haven Tower Group And Explain Marketing And Communications For Wealthtech Providers

Wealthtech fills a special niche in wealth management, with one foot in the ever-changing world of technology and the other in serving advisors and professionals as they conduct their routines and activities. Because of this, wealthtech firms have distinct marketing and communications needs, as they engage in a B2B fashion with an audience that often lacks tech expertise, but nevertheless requires clear explanations of each wealthtech firm’s capabilities and how those capabilities can be leveraged to grow advisory and planning businesses.

We reached out to wealth management marcoms veterans who have extensive experience serving wealthtech clients: Joe Anthony, President and Co-Owner of Gregory FCA; Katherine Paulson, Partner and Head of Digital Marketing Strategies of Haven Tower Group; and Tina Powell, Partner, Chief of Community at

We asked each of them: What are the keys to marketing and communications on behalf of wealthtech firms?

Their responses are below.

Tina Powell, Partner, Chief Of Community,

Tina Powell, Partner, Chief of Community,
Tina Powell, Partner, Chief of Community,

The keys to marketing and communications on behalf of wealthtech firms are:

Clarity Of Purpose: Understand the objective of your communication. Is it to educate, inform or describe? Remember to tailor your message to its intended purpose for wealthtech firms, especially recognizing when brevity might be more impactful than lengthy explanations.

Mindful Communication: One of the keys to effective communication is approaching it with the right mindset. Be acutely aware of your tone, ensuring it reflects the desired message and resonates appropriately with the audience.

Audience-Centric Approach: Always remember that behind every communication is an actual individual. Understand their context – whether it’s their time zone, local holidays or current events affecting their region. Tailor your message to be respectful and considerate of their unique circumstances.

Enhance With Multimedia: Amplify the effectiveness of your communication by incorporating relevant images, videos and helpful links. Multimedia can make content more engaging and convey information more succinctly than words alone.

Avoid Inadvertent Bias: Visuals in your communications are as important as the language you use. Remain vigilant against biases that might inadvertently appear in your content. Bias in wealthtech can appear on images on websites, reports, newsletters and webinars. Ensure all content is inclusive and respectful to diverse audiences.

Katherine Paulson, Partner And Head of Digital Marketing Strategies, Haven Tower Group

Katherine Paulson, Partner & Head of Digital Marketing Strategies, Haven Tower Group
Katherine Paulson, Partner & Head of Digital Marketing Strategies, Haven Tower Group

Every marketing and communications program needs to answer one essential question: How does the product or service make a customer’s life easier or better? Doing that for wealthtech firms can be a challenge.

On the one hand, many of today’s offerings can save time and make firms and advisors more scalable, allowing them to serve more clients. On the other hand, many wealthtech companies have similar pricing and features, so it can be difficult for the market to distinguish between competing platforms.

In part, it becomes a question of fit. Advisors will ask themselves, “Can the tech accommodate what I do?” After all, they all have distinct areas of focus and expertise.

But I’d argue the larger consideration is whether the customer feels good about working with you. In other words, do they trust you understand what they are trying to accomplish? And do they believe you and your team are on a journey with them? That’s what we do – build that trust and create that belief.

That’s why we’ve recently launched Haven Mark Partners. The wealth management market – RIAs, broker-dealers, insurance firms or tech firms – is screaming for an integrated marketing solutions platform that can articulate and amplify their stories in a way that resonates with audiences and makes them feel good about working with their companies.

Joe Anthony, President And Co-Owner, Gregory FCA

Joe Anthony, President & Co-Owner, Gregory FCA
Joe Anthony, President & Co-Owner, Gregory FCA

Wealthtech firms have a daunting challenge. How do you elevate your products and services? How do you differentiate what you are delivering for advisors and their clients at a time when the volume of tech choices has skyrocketed? More than a few wealthtech firms struggle with highlighting what they do beyond focusing on what problems they solve.

The best wealthtech marketers zero in on the point of impact in their marketing and communications. Take Altruist for example. Going back to their early days when founder Jason Wenk launched the company, Altruist has consistently used their podcast, “The Advisor Journey,” to illuminate advisor practice management challenges and how actual advisors solved for those challenges through the prism of the people they are built to serve – the advisor themselves. Their target audience helps tell their story!

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