Experts Discuss Client Liabilities Management for Advisors

Michael Madden, Contributing Editor & Research Analyst, Wealth Solutions Report

Bruckenstein And O’Connell Author Paper Describing Why And How Advisors Should Manage Liabilities For Clients

Wealthtech firm Sora Finance, which provides software designed to help advisors manage client liabilities, announced the release of a white paper on the benefits of client liability management. Authored by Joel Bruckenstein, President of Technology Tools for Today, which produces the T3 Technology Conference, and John O’Connell, Founder and CEO of The Oasis Group, the paper asserts that clients need and expect advisors to help them optimize their liabilities.

Joel Bruckenstein, President, Technology Tools for Today

The paper, titled “Unlocking Growth Opportunities: The Case for Liability Management in High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Client Portfolios,” reviews the reasons for liability management and sets out keys to support optimization of current client debt and favorable terms for new debt. It also covers accessing and managing liability data, debt assessment, securities-based lending and securities-based lines of credit.

“Liability optimization is the practice of making sure that your client’s liabilities are always deployed in the most efficient and effective way,” Bruckenstein said. “It is not about helping to get people out of debt. Virtually all wealthy people have debt. It’s one of the ways they structure their finances.”

Bruckenstein continued, “Innovative tech that drives better client conversations is table stakes. Clients expect their advisors to have the best tech stack available, including technology that helps them assess and strategically manage their liabilities.”

John O’Connell, Founder & CEO, The Oasis Group

O’Connell said, “High net worth individuals expect their wealth management team to offer liability management capabilities. This is particularly important for entrepreneurial clients who

understand the value of liabilities on their balance sheet. Wealth managers have a huge opportunity to grow their HNW client base by engaging in liability management conversations.”

Rohit Agarwal, Co-CEO of Sora, said, “Advancements in technology, like Sora’s platform, enable independent financial advisors and registered investment advisors (RIAs) to compete with the big Wall Street brokerage firms and wirehouses more effectively by providing RIAs and supporting financial services firms such as national wealth management firms and independent broker/dealer groups with superior data, analytics, recommendations, and robust lending options.”

Rohit Agarwal (left) and Siddhartha Oza (right), Co-CEOs, Sora Finance

“Managing liabilities effectively is an essential part of a good financial plan,” said Siddhartha Oza, Co-CEO of Sora. “Debt must be managed carefully and responsibly. Knowing the interest rate you’re paying, the terms, and the duration of any loans is required to properly manage the liabilities side of one’s balance sheet.”

Bruckenstein, O’Connell, Agarwal and Oza will attend the T3 Technology Conference in January.

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