AmeriFlex Launches Program In Support Of Small OSJs

Janeesa Hollingshead, Contributing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report

The 5Twenty Group Created To Meet Needs And Drive Growth Of OSJs With 5 To 20 Advisors

Advisor-owned hybrid RIA The AmeriFlex Group announced the launch of a business development program named “The 5Twenty Group,” created to address the needs of and promote growth for OSJs with five to 20 financial advisors.

The program’s tools and resources include onboarding support; a technology package; succession planning and options; organic and inorganic growth programs, including access to financing and consulting for practice acquisitions; and a high net worth consulting desk.

Thomas Goodson, Founder & CEO, The AmeriFlex Group

AmeriFlex Founder and CEO Thomas Goodson said that his firm aims to reach “a growing and vibrant cohort of the hybrid RIA space: smaller OSJs. Entrepreneurial OSJs needing additional support to address operational obstacles, expand capabilities and evolve their business model – all to reach the next level of growth – can leverage the resources available through the program.”

Jesse Kurrasch, the firm’s COO, said, “Given the increased value of scale in our industry, empowering this increasingly important segment of the OSJ market is an undertaking we enthusiastically support.” He noted that programs like The 5Twenty Group enhance firm growth.

Jesse Kurrasch, COO, The AmeriFlex Group

The 5Twenty Group is the latest proprietary program developed by AmeriFlex to support its affiliates. The firm launched the SuccessionFlex program in 2021, which gives advisors an option, before retirement, to sell from 30% to 40% of their current revenue stream to the firm with no minority ownership discount. Approximately 10% of the firm’s advisors have used this program, and the firm has paid out about $9 million under it.

In May, the firm launched its AmeriFlex Premier+ platform, which provides customizable “what-if” scenarios reflecting transitional client situations such as retirement, purchase or sale of a home or business, divorce or loss of a loved one. The tool aims to equip advisors to support their clients with real-time guidance when faced with life-altering decisions.

The firm has 115 advisors overseeing approximately $7.3 billion in client assets as of July 5. In June, the firm announced that it surpassed 100 advisors and $6.5 billion in assets, with 75% of the advisors holding equity ownership in the firm.

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