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Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

Plus Recruitment And Wealthtech News, Stratos’ Exec Moves, AXS’ REIT Launch, A Guide To Independence And ECHELON Summit Coverage

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In wealth management, client communications cannot be overemphasized. We’re an industry focused on numbers – and growth of those numbers – but at the end of the day each advisor, planner and professional who interacts directly with clients needs to be a “people person” who communicates clearly in the context of human relationships, implementing methods and technologies where available to enhance the experience and well-being of the client.

Client communication includes reaching out to the persons in a client relationship who may be less engaged, letting their partner or another family member take the role of “family CFO.” This week, Asset-Map’s CEO tells us how to engage that person.

Leveraging technology to create presentations that are easily understood also factors into client communication, and this week CapIntel announced a new platform designed with this purpose in mind.

In addition, we bring you our Weekly Recruitment Roundup; our monthly roundup of wealthtech news; expert views, videos and a recap of the ECHELON Summit; steps to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and transition to independence from recruiting CEO Michael Terrana; Stratos’ new COO; and AXS’ launch of a mortgage REIT.

This Week’s Issue

Here’s what we have for you this week:

Matt Middleton, CEO and Co-Founder, Advisor Circle
  • Who’s our newest Wealthtech Leader of the Month? In Digital Domain, we speak with Matt Middleton, CEO and Co-Founder of Advisor Circle, about its second annual Future Proof Festival. Other entries this month include CapIntel launching a presentation builder, GeoWealth and Halo partnering to provide RIAs structured notes in UMAs, Snappy Kraken launching an AI-powered email builder for advisors, Venn by Two Sigma launching an analytics and presentation tool, Catchlight launching a Salesforce integration, as well as BetaNXT and Opto Investments making executive hires.
  • How exactly are 300 advisors supposed to migrate to another firm? In Newsmakers & Roundups, this edition of Weekly Recruitments features Baird recruiting three advisors, LPL recruiting three teams of advisors who collectively oversee nearly $1 billion in assets, Creative Planning’s advisor affiliation options after agreeing to acquire a Goldman Sachs wealth management unit, two private equity firms completing their take-private of Focus Financial Partners, Modern Wealth Management acquiring Midwest Financial and Stratos Wealth Holdings recruiting its new COO.
  • According to H. Adam Holt, CEO and Founder of Asset-Map, most client relationships contain a “family CFO” who interacts with the advisor and makes decisions, and a “non-CFO” who is less engaged. In the Upmarket section, Holt describes why and how an advisor can engage and educate the non-CFO client.
  • How do you transition from employee to independence? Also in Upmarket, Michael Terrana, CEO of advisor recruiting firm Terrana Group, presents a guide for making the transition, including the entrepreneurial mindset to develop and steps to take in preparation for transition.
  • What’s the latest platform in wealthtech? In our Digital Domain section, CapIntel launches a presentation building platform designed to comprehensively present client investments in an interactive way to enhance advisor-client communication, advice and decision-making.
  • What did the experts tell us at the ECHELON Partners Deals & Dealmakers Summit? In Capital Connections, our Managing Editor Chris Latham conducted video interviews with Louis Diamond, President of Diamond Consultants; Alex Goss, Managing Partner of New Edge Capital Group; Jodie Papike Sladavic, CEO and Managing Principal of Cross-Search; Shell Black, President of ShellBlack.com; Doug Fritz, Founder and CEO, F2 Strategy; and Amit Dogra, President and COO of tru Independence.

In case you missed it, last week we brought you:

Phil Nuttall, COO, Stratos Wealth Holdings
  • What’s the latest in real estate debt investment? In Investment Solutions & Gatekeepers, AXS Investments launched a mortgage REIT ETF (RINC) tracking an index by Gapstow Capital Partners that reflects publicly traded mortgage REITs that own or originate real estate debt. RINC is designed to enhance yield with exposure to liquid real estate. AXS CEO Greg Bassuk and Gapstow CEO Chris Acito comment.
Dan Seivert, CEO & Managing Partner, ECHELON Partners
  • What views did experts express about leverage, law and leadership at the ECHELON DDM Summit? ECHELON Partners CEO and Managing Partner Dan Seivert facilitated an Ask the Experts session on M&A. From that session, we brought you key expert views in our Capital Connections section from: Rick Dennen, Founder and CEO of Oak Street Funding, on using leverage for deals; Kathy Freeman, Founder and President of Kathy Freeman Company, on securing good leadership; and Corey Kupfer, Founder and Managing Principal of Kupfer & Associates, on legal issues in acquisitions.
  • What were the top insights from the ECHELON DDM Summit? Also in Capital Connections, we recapped the best insights from the summit, including transaction trends, private equity perspectives, debates in deal structure and legal considerations, and technology hurdles. Molly Bennard, CEO of Connectus; Jeff Dekko, CEO of Wealth Enhancement Group; Christina Walsh, Investment Professional at Aquiline Capital Partners; Amit Dogra, President and COO of tru Independence; and Doug Fritz, Founder and CEO of F2 Strategy, provide comments.

Find our ECHELON Partners DDM Summit videos on our YouTube channel and on LinkedIn.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas, as well as your questions for us or for our featured experts.


Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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