CapIntel Launches Presentation Builder To Enhance Client Communication  

Julius Buchanan, Editor in Chief, Wealth Solutions Report

Platform Enables Interactive Proposals With Embedded Materials To Increase Client Personalization And Education, Improve Advisor-Client Interactions

Wealthtech firm CapIntel announced the launch of a holistic, digital wealth management platform designed for advisors to provide advice to clients, with a comprehensive view of their investments through an interactive presentation builder that contains compliance and secure sharing protocols. The platform, named “OMNI,” is intended to enhance client conversations and enable better decision-making.

James Rockwood, Founder & CEO, CapIntel

The Toronto-based firm’s Founder and CEO, James Rockwood, said, “With an ongoing commitment to advancing technology in the financial industry, OMNI sets the stage for a transformational shift in advisor-client and advisor-asset manager conversations. By providing advisors with a comprehensive and interactive presentation tool, OMNI aims to elevate the value proposition of advisors and create an impeccable digital experience for clients.”

The platform aims to provide advisors with accessible, credible, informative and tailored financial presentations that enable clients to better understand their financial goals and how to achieve them, to enhance the human relationships with and advice for their clients.

Rob Crnkovic, Chief Revenue Officer, CapIntel

Rockwood continued, “The release represents a significant milestone in CapIntel’s vision to revolutionize the financial industry and support advisors in their digital transformation journey. With a focus on modernizing the advisory process, OMNI provides a tech-forward, streamlined, and interactive platform that bridges the gap between advisors and their clients.”

According to Rob Crnkovic, Chief Revenue Officer of the firm, the new platform will generate improvements in the speed of an advisor’s work, as well as the advisor’s ability to use the data for pre- and post-meeting materials.

Health Versus Wealth

Crnkovic says the firm’s internal and partnered research indicated that “the investment proposal is a valuable piece of real estate,” with 81% of respondents strongly agreeing that the proposal was material in their decision to choose an advisor.

“However, buyer behavior is very different between health and wealth,” he continued, explaining that patients will trust doctors but clients harbor distrust toward advisors and don’t want to appear uneducated. “You get this investment proposal that has heavy quantitative information that doesn’t mean anything to you, and a lot of times trust gets leaked out there.”

According to CapIntel’s research, trust is built with personalization and education. The OMNI platform combines quantitative with qualitative information, designed to build trust through transparency and education at the prospecting stage, as well as rebalancing and life events. According to Crnkovic, the ability to integrate qualitative content makes the platform unique.

Beyond PDFs

The platform differs from traditional models by providing an interactive proposal rather than a PDF, allowing clients and prospects to click and open various educational materials, including written and video explanations, which can be tailored to the client’s level of sophistication.

This allows advisors to communicate appropriately to varying levels of client sophistication and, according to Crnkovic, caters to the needs of different generations through one proposal, as younger generations prefer non-PDF, clickable information for their mobile devices while older generations can take advantage of educational materials on more traditional screens.

Crnkovic added, “The actual buying journey for a proposal is that you show it to your partner, your husband or your wife, then it takes a couple days to digest it and get back to your advisor, so it does need to stand on its own.”

CapIntel serves over 12,000 financial advisors and 800 wholesalers in North America, who collectively have approximately $2 trillion in assets under management. In July, the firm launched a platform with proposal building features that enables financial advisors and their RIAs to create investment presentations in accordance with elements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Marketing Rule.

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