Honing HR Strategies For Recruitment And Retention

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Industry Leaders’ Insights On HR, A Next Gen Task Force, Model Portfolios, Recruitment News, Custodian Moves, Investment Banking In Wealth Management And More

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

Want to throw a perfectly functioning business into a tailspin? Have some HR problems. At a time when boomer retirement continually shrinks the workforce and needed skillsets evolve faster than the latest trends on TikTok, complacency about human resources is a luxury that none of us can afford.

We must actively hone our HR strategies for advisors as well as other staff and support team members. This week, our Managing Editor, Chris Latham, speaks with industry leaders to gain insights across many strategies that bolster recruitment and retention, the Financial Services Institute appoints a task force to solve Next Gen recruiting and a CEO advises on how to improve your practice through people, culture and vision.

We also bring you our latest Weekly Recruitment Roundup, a discussion on enhancing model portfolios, Goldman’s custody deal with Creative, Osaic’s latest recruit, Kingswood’s investment banking moves, SkyView’s digital banking platform and more.

This Week’s Issue

Here’s what we have for you this week:

  • How do leading firms succeed at their HR recruitment and retention strategies? In Upmarket, we speak with Alex David, CEO of Stifel Independent Advisors; Katie Costigan, Executive Market Director at Baird Private Wealth Management; Brandon Kawal, Principal at Advisor Growth Strategies; Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer at Vestmark; and Christian Nwasike, Chairman of the Board of the Association of African-American Financial Advisors (AAAA).

  • Which major industry player recruited a top television talent? In Newsmakers & Roundups, this edition of the Weekly Recruitment Roundup features Steward Partners recruiting Vantage Point Private Wealth, Osaic recruiting Vitucci Integrated Planning, LPL Financial agreeing to acquire Crown Capital Securities, Creative Planning and Goldman Sachs striking a strategic custody relationship, Kingswood U.S. hiring Edward Tsuker as CEO and Ariel Imas as President of Kingswood Investments, and Dynasty Financial Partners hiring former CNBC anchor Ron Insana as Chief Market Strategist.
Josh Schwaber, Head of Customer Experience, Kwanti
  • How do you turbocharge model portfolios? In Investment Solutions & Gatekeepers, we speak with Josh Schwaber, Head of Customer Experience at Kwanti, to understand the benefits of model portfolios and how the portfolio itself and its analytics can be fine-tuned to improve performance, customize toward client goals, uncover hidden costs and communicate better with clients.

    In case you missed it, last week we brought you:

    • Who is Osaic’s first advisor team recruit after the rebrand from Advisor Group? In Newsmakers & Roundups, Walnut Creek, California-based Vitucci Integrated Planning joined Osaic from Cetera Advisors, where the eight-person team led by Jason Vitucci managed $254 million in client assets.

    • How can advisors work with clients on their banking needs? In Digital Domain, Wayzata, Minnesota-based SkyView Partners, an investment bank and specialty lender supporting the M&A goals of RIAs, launched SKYVIEW 1, a sister company that offers mobile banking technology and products, including checking and savings accounts, to high net worth individuals through their financial advisor.

    • A demographic crunch is coming for advisors. What can be done to attract the Next Gen? Also in Words In Edgewise, the Financial Services Institute is assembling 20 industry leaders to explore fresh strategies and perspectives for solutions, according to President and CEO Dale Brown.

    Tell us what’s on your mind! We love to hear your ideas, questions and suggestions.

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