Recruiting Roundtable With Jeff Nash, Jodie Papike And Ryan Shanks

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

Industry Leading Recruiters Jeff Nash Of Bridgemark Strategies, Jodie Papike Of Cross-Search And Ryan Shanks Of FA Match Discuss How Advisors And Firms Can Achieve Mutual Success

I recently sat down with three of the wealth management industry’s leading experts in advisor recruiting for our inaugural Recruiting Roundtable video, which was moderated by WSR Managing Editor Chris Latham. We spoke with Jeff Nash, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bridgemark Strategies; Jodie Papike, President of Cross-Search; and Ryan Shanks, CEO and Co-Founder of FA Match.

During this in-depth Q&A, we discuss the role financial advisor and advisory team recruitment is playing in the growth strategies of firms this year, what the most successful firms are doing to succeed at recruiting top advisors in 2023, and major factors that advisors and their teams have been addressing when looking for a new firm.

Click here to watch highlights from the Recruiting Roundtable Q&A

“We’re seeing firms getting creative with economic deals, with structures, with platforms, all in the spirit of differentiating themselves to drive attractiveness from their competitors, from an advisor who might be looking around,” Nash says. Click here for more of his insights:

“Every firm that wants to expand, that wants to be competitive, they have to look at how they’re going to recruit,” Papike says. “The difficult part about that is it’s become more competitive than I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of recruiting.” Click here for more of her insights:

“We’re seeing a lot of the captive firms, the wirehouses, that historically they’ve only won by paying just a tremendous amount of money, they’re losing,” Shanks says. “They’re losing head-to-head to independence, for a lot of different reasons.” Click here for more of his insights:

We thank our panelists for sharing their time and expertise.

Larry Roth is CEO of Wealth Solutions Report and Managing Director of RLR Strategic Partners.

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