Three Overlooked Factors When Recruiting Advisors

Soft Skills Play An Important Role In Successfully Recruiting Advisors To Join Your Team

In the competitive landscape of the financial services industry, recruiting top-tier talent to join your team can be a daunting task. Finding an advisor who not only lives up to the standards of your firm, but also aligns with your culture and shares similar values is challenging. Certain factors that are often overlooked in the advisory recruitment process can streamline your search and attract top-tier talent from the start.

While qualifications, experience in the industry and technical expertise play a vital role in the selection process, it’s the “softer skills” and techniques that many firms fail to consider that can make or break your recruitment strategy.

Radiate Passion

Showcasing your passion for the industry and company will allow the candidate to open up and share the aspects of the industry that they are passionate about. One of the most effective ways to attract exceptional talent is by letting your enthusiasm shine through. After all, top-notch talent in the industry will likely match your excitement for the profession.

Being passionate also tells candidates that you care deeply about what you do and are happy with the company, which likely means you care about your employees as well. Discussing personal stories and the fulfillment that you get from helping clients achieve their goals will open up the conversation and allow the interviewee to do the same. When that positive energy shines through on both ends, it allows for a much more productive conversation and can help determine whether your values align.

Demonstrating your dedication to your own professional development and that of your employees will show your commitment to excellence. This could come through in discussions about mentorship or educational programs, training initiatives or other opportunities that would allow the candidate to fuel their career growth if they choose to join your firm.

Have An Ear For The “Little Things”

Interviews offer the opportunity to truly get to know the person behind the resume. In the age of technology, including artificial intelligence, having a “human touch” is more essential than ever. Treat the conversation like you are getting to know a client – you want to dig deeper and show the advisor that you are listening to the little things that they care about.

One way to show that you care is by having an ear for the little things that they tell you. If a candidate mentions that they were raised in a different state, asking a more personal question about their hometown shows that you heard them and that you view them as a human being with a life outside of work. The little things to listen for can also include a comment on their children, passion for community service or personal goals like running a marathon.

Showing that you heard and care about these things could be the reason a top recruit chooses to accept your offer in the end, because they know they will be working alongside people who genuinely care about their interests beyond the workplace.

Develop A Rapport

Build rapport

When engaging with a potential advisor recruit, developing a rapport from the start is paramount. From the onset of the relationship, it is essential to establish a connection and demonstrate a genuine interest in the individual’s aspirations, goals and values. This not only will make them feel comfortable and heard, but will also give you an idea of whether their values and goals align with what you can offer them at your firm.

By actively engaging in meaningful conversations, you create a foundation of trust and openness that sets the precedent for the remainder of the conversation and creates a rapport between the two of you.

By incorporating these overlooked but essential factors into your recruitment strategy, you can enhance your chances of attracting and retaining top-of-the-line talent.

Kristi Delongchamp is VP, Business Development and Relationship Management at SPS Family, which is comprised of two broker-dealers, Sigma Financial Corporation and Parkland Securities, and an RIA, Sigma Planning Corporation.

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