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The Top 10 Articles Of The First Half Of 2023, AI, Recruiting, Private Infrastructure, A Client Survey, The Marketing Rule And More

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Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

Summer is the perfect time for reflection. As we look in the rearview mirror at the first half of the year and spend the long days planning, strategizing and reading thought-provoking materials, the future comes into sharper focus. Much has happened across the industry in the first half as trends evolved, a banking crisis surprised us, wealthtech surged forward but left questions unresolved and more.

This week, we recap our top 10 articles from the past two quarters to pinpoint valuable data for advisors’ and firms’ fine-tuning of second-half plans and preliminary thinking on 2024’s growth strategies.

In addition, we interview Sid Yenamandra on AI and Ryan Shanks on recruiting, bring you the latest recruitment news, relate the latest evolution in infrastructure investments, and cover Absolute Engagement’s annual client survey, CapIntel’s response to the Marketing Rule, Perigon’s new CIO, Oppenheimer’s Florida growth and FusionIQ’s strategic integration. We also cover the market for advisor loans with SkyView Partners, Live Oak Bank and LaSalle St.

This Week’s Issue

Here’s what we have this week:

  • In Newsmakers & Roundups, this edition of the Weekly Recruitment Roundup features Oppenheimer & Co. recruiting advisor Tatiana Zurek from Merrill Lynch, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors acquiring Southern Wealth Management, Cerity Partners merging with Lumina Financial Consultants, Hightower Advisors launching a tax subsidiary through an investment in GMS Surgent, Perigon Wealth Management appointing Rafia Hasan as CIO and Lido Advisors hiring Jordan Greenhouse as Chief Growth Officer.
  • We bring you on a quick trip down memory lane with the top 10 articles of the first half of 2023 in Newsmakers & Roundups. Ranging from leading industry conferences and recognition for excellence, to analysis of pressing issues such as the banking crisis and the Schwab migration, these stories refresh us on where we are at the half-year point so we can see clearly to plan for the future.
  • In Capital Connections, we explore the market for loans to advisors and their firms for growth and succession planning purposes, along with key considerations when seeking such capital. Read expert commentary from Scott Wetzel, CEO and Co-Founder of SkyView Partners; James Hughes, Senior Vice President & Head of Investment Advisor Financing at Live Oak Bank; and Mark Contey, Senior Vice President & Head of Business Development at LaSalle St.
Infrastructure investing has changed
  • The world of private infrastructure investments is evolving quickly. In Investment Solutions & Gatekeepers, Robert Wall, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Private Infrastructure at Lazard Asset Management, describes how private infrastructure investments now cover a wider group of strategies and underlying assets, what drives demand among advisors and high net worth clients, and the keys that advisors must learn to serve clients with these products.

In case you missed it, last week we brought you:

Rafia Hasan, CIO, Perigon Wealth Management
  • Who’s the newest CIO in wealth management? In Newsmakers & Roundups, Perigon Wealth Management named former CIO of Wipfli Financial Advisors Rafia Hasan as its CIO to support its growth strategy. Perigon’s CEO, Arthur Ambarik, provides comments.
  • In Words In Edgewise, we spoke with Ryan Shanks, CEO and Co-Founder of FA Match, about the evolution of his advisor recruitment and coaching firm, major market trends in advisor recruitment, and the merits of both advisors and wealth management firms asking tough questions during the recruitment process.

  • What do clients think about their advisors? In Upmarket, Absolute Engagement and the Investments & Wealth Institute’s annual client survey revealed areas to improve client satisfaction, opportunities to increase referrals and weaknesses in client confidence. Absolute Engagement’s Founder & CEO, Julie Littlechild, and the Investments & Wealth Institute’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Whiting, provide comments.
  • Who’s adding LATAM-focused advisors? Also in Newsmakers & Roundups, Oppenheimer & Co. hired Tatiana Zurek from Merrill Lynch as Senior Director-Investments to strengthen the growth of its Coral Gables office in South Florida. Ed Harrington, EVP, Private Client Division, and Guillermo Vega, Branch Manager, Managing Director-Investments, provide comments.

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