Wealth Management GPT Launches AI Tool For Advisors  

Julius Buchanan, Editor in Chief, Wealth Solutions Report

AI-Powered Solutions Provider Founded By Marc Butler Launches Tool With Suite Of Features Tailored For Advisors

Wealthtech firm Wealth Management GPT announced the launch of an AI-driven writing tool designed to assist financial advisors in delivering personalized messaging and financial education for their clients, prospects and communities. The tool includes a suite of features to aid in marketing, communications, workflows and personalizing experiences.

Marc Butler, Founder, Wealth Management GPT

Founded by Marc Butler, formerly President and COO of Skience, Wealth Management GPT provides a suite of solutions intended to provide advisors with a simple, user-friendly design and the ability to scale marketing and content with low cost and quick speed to market.

“Wealth Management GPT represents a significant leap forward in the use of AI to enable the human advisor and their business,” said Butler. “We understand the challenges advisors face when it comes to effective communication, marketing, and delivering personalization at scale. With Wealth Management GPT, we are focused on empowering advisors with a solution to get past these challenges, helping them achieve extraordinary client and prospect experiences, and delivering measurable value.

Based on natural language processing

Based on OpenAI and incorporating natural language processing, Wealth Management GPT’s tool provides features such as templates for specific use cases, analyzing and suggesting improvements for advisors’ written content and tailoring client communications. Currently the writing tool is at no charge to those who register, with service fees expected to commence in the fall.

In many cases, Wealth Management GPT will integrate with advisors’ tech stacks through a single sign-on as an applet that runs on another firm’s front end, often on a white-label basis. “There’s opportunities to do customization and configuration,” Butler said.

Describing his inspiration for the writing tool, Butler said, “As I was using ChatGPT, I asked, ‘How would an advisor find value in this?’ So I thought through scenarios where an advisor would find value and how to make it easy for an advisor to operate.”

Butler pointed out that the tool fills a gap in personalization at scale. “Most of the available content tools send the same articles to people whether they’re in the Silent Generation or Gen Z. This tool gives an opportunity to personalize at scale for audiences. It allows for a filter on content so clients can understand something such as inflation at a basic level because, although clients say they understand what advisors are talking about, in many cases they really don’t.”

Julius Buchanan, Editor in Chief at Wealth Solutions Report, can be reached at jbuchanan@wealthsolutionsreport.com.

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