Wealthtech In High Gear: AI And Your Job, Obsolete ETFs And More

Plus Our Monthly Wealthtech News Roundup, Weekly Recruitment Roundup, TAMPs, Annuities, Internships, In-House Model Portfolios And More

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

When 2023 began, we knew that wealthtech would make waves and capture the limelight this year.  But even so, wealthtech has managed to surprise us all.  Not only are the volume and pace of change intensifying, there is a real impact these changes will have on our workflows, client relationships, portfolios and more.

Let’s start with artificial intelligence, which is making waves this year as companies rapidly adopt it to implement various solutions that make advisors’ and professionals’ lives easier. In general, wealthtech firms are continuing to step up their rollout of upgrades, improvements and collaborations. And fractional share investing has the potential to upend everything we think we know about funds, portfolios and shareholder engagement.

This issue, we are bringing a focus on these topics, including my views on AI’s impact on wealth management, Doug Fritz’s thoughts on fractional shares and our monthly wealthtech news roundup.

In addition, we look at the latest in TAMPs and annuities, explore how internships can shape careers, bring you the latest Weekly Recruitment Roundup, learn about conflicts of interest with in-house model portfolios and cover Atria’s recruitment from Signature Bank.

This Week’s Issue

Here’s what we have on tap this week:

  • Who’s launching an investment bank? A new robo-advisor? In this month’s roundup of the latest wealthtech news in our Digital Domain section, we bring you our Wealthtech Leader of the Month, Sheldon Cummings, General Manager of the Corporate Business Unit at Smarsh, and news from Smarsh, Orion, Redtail, Dynasty, BetaNXT, COMPLY, FMG and Ritholtz.

  • How is the banking crisis affecting recruitment? In Newsmakers & Roundups, our latest Weekly Recruitment Roundup includes First Republic’s losses to RBC and William Blair, as well as Signature Bank’s loss to Atria. High net worth services are on the move as NewEdge launches a Nashville office and Hightower strategically invests in New England. In addition, Mariner moves into financial wellness and Edelman names a new CEO.
Are ETFs next?
  • Will ETFs go extinct? Would you like to buy some shares with your shoes? Also in our Digital Domain section, Doug Fritz, CEO of F2 Strategy, walks us through a brief history of share ownership, and describes a potential new wave fractional shares – that may be the disruptive technology that ends ETFs and presents new ways to provide customized, transparent portfolios while connecting shareholders with companies just like consumers are connected today.

In case you missed it, last week we brought you: Which wealth management jobs will artificial intelligence take first? Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and others are reportedly building AI tools. In my quarterly review of the wealthtech space, I answer this question and give my thoughts about the impact of artificial intelligence on wealth management in the Digital Domain section.

Will AI take your job?

In our Sponsor Partner Content section, Bryan Yvon, Director of Business Development at SFA Partners, says that in-house model portfolios have conflicts of interest and advisors should have the ability to choose something else if it serves clients better.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. We enjoy hearing from you!

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Larry Roth, CEO
Wealth Solutions Report

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