FMG Leverages ChatGPT To Launch ‘One-Click’ Social Media Content Engine

Chris Latham, Deputy Managing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report

Firm Announces Mobile-Ready, AI-Based Tool To Help Advisors Automatically Generate Original Social Media Captions About Compliance-Friendly Content In FMG’s Library

San Diego, California-based FMG, a SaaS company specializing in marketing software and services for the wealth management industry, launched an AI-powered personalization engine that helps financial advisors automatically generate original social media captions about shareable content in FMG’s library.

Dave Christensen, Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder, FMG

The new “one-click” personalization engine, which leverages technology from FMG’s own Vestorly platform as well as OpenAI’s ChatGPT software, is currently in beta mode and is expected to become available to all customers sometime in March through the Curator product on FMG’s mobile app. Advisors will then be able to use it on Apple and Android smartphones. 

Curator allows a financial advisor to create a feed of third-party content from around the web that fits both their personal brand and their business brand, according to Dave Christensen, Chief Product & Technology Officer and Co-Founder of FMG.

“The advisor is going to see what’s generated before they publish it, which fits seamlessly into their pre-existing compliance workflows,” he said. “Most compliance firms are using AI already, they can tell the difference between material and immaterial changes and we want to be first to really leverage this personalization at scale.”

An essential feature of the one-click personalization engine is its ability to succinctly summarize content, for example about a thought leadership article in FMG’s library, into a social media caption complete with bullet points, emojis and hashtags written in the style of the advisor who posts it along with a link to the complete longer-form piece.

Susan Theder, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, FMG

The personalization engine combines proprietary GPT prompts with artificial intelligence compliance screening and human quality assurance, to produce natural language. Advisors can use the one-click caption as a starting point that they can modify further on their own, or they can post the one-click caption as is to their social media accounts.

In the near future, FMG plans to extend one-click personalization to emails, blog posts, video scripts, newsletters, landing pages and other use cases. For example, this could enable a firm with an advisor who writes with “I” and another advisor who writes with “we” to maintain their distinct tones across the firm’s various marketing channels.

“In the future, we will have a digital voice print of each advisor,” said Susan Theder, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at FMG. “This means our library of thousands and thousands of pieces will never look the same for any of our users. It will sound exactly like them, and it will get better over time as they edit, and we remember their edits.”

FMG’s established products and services also include the creation of more than 200 new pieces of content for its library each month; pre-built marketing campaigns with automatic emails, social media posts, newsletters and birthday greetings; as well as a one-click compliance tool that automatically submits marketing content for review and approval. It serves more than 40,000 financial advisors and insurance agents.

Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist, FMG

In 2022, the company acquired the artificial intelligence-powered content curation and compliance platform Vestorly, which has been crucial to FMG’s progress on engineering and testing how to integrate OpenAI’s GPT technology. OpenAI grabbed international headlines late last year with its ability to respond to a wide assortment of prompts by almost instantly doing everything from writing coherent poetry to building effective computer programs.

“This is drastically going to improve engagement on social media posts,” said Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG. “We’re really excited to empower financial advisors to share more and put their great information out there with their network.”

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