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And The Latest Recruitment News, 3Q M&A Insights, Bizarre Stories, The Vision Of A Family Office CEO And A New Digital Platform CTO

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

Giving is good medicine!

What if I held up a bottle and told you there were magic pills inside? Take one of these pills and it will reduce anxiety, lower your blood pressure, increase self-esteem, make you happier and enhance longevity.  

Of course, you’ll say you’ve heard that one before – I’m talking about exercise, right? Actually, this time it’s something different: Giving. The Cleveland Clinic tells us that volunteering, providing emotional support to someone in need and giving financial resources provide benefits for the mind and body.

Give your way to mental soundness.

Some advisors leverage their skills directly to help people in need, and we bring you two articles today that cover different aspects of helping the less fortunate with financial advice and planning. I hope this encourages you in your own charitable activities!

In addition, we bring you the monthly roundup of the most bizarre tales our industry has to offer, our latest weekly recruitment roundup, a new wealthtech CTO, a conversation with the CEO of a firm serving high net worth clients and quarterly M&A insights.

This Week’s Issue

Here’s what we have on tap for you:

Scott Posner, EVP, Business Development, LPL Financial
  • In Bizarre Industry Bazaar, our James Miller analyzes the nuclear apocalypse while commenting on Kim Kardashian’s SEC fine for touting cryptoassets, Dilbert opposing ESG, a frequent former CNBC guest analyst hiding from fraud charges, the Supreme Court deciding a copyright case involving Andy Warhol and Prince, the alleged kidnapping delusion behind the Morgan Stanley shooting and the advisor who caught Judge’s record-breaking homer.
  • How can parents plan financially for an adult child’s serious mental illness? In Words In Edgewise, Paul Peeler, a Partner and Member Advisor at Atlanta-based Integrated Financial Group and founder of The Preparedness Project, which provides planning and guidance for families confronted with a serious mental illness, discusses the project, common issues for caregivers and recommended resources.
It’s about improving clients’ lives
  • A high net worth and family office CEO shares his strategic vision in Words In Edgewise. Choreo CEO Larry Miles speaks with us about his firm’s successes and growth plans, including selectively adding teammates and a client-centric strategy that improves the lives of clients, ultimately improving their communities and the nation.
  • Can soft skills help you serve both pro bono and fee-paying clients? In Upmarket, Jon Dauphiné, CEO of theFoundation for Financial Planning, walks us through the primary soft skills advisors derive from behavioral finance that improve outcomes for all clients, with special emphasis on serving people in need.
New tools
  • In the Digital Domain, FusionIQ appoints John Kimbro as Chief Technology Officer, to enhance its current digital investing platform solutions and create new tools to serve IBDs, RIAs and wealth management platforms within financial institutions.

In case you missed it, last week in Capital Connections we brought you the top five points from DeVoe & Company’s third quarter report on the state of mergers and acquisitions in the RIA space. It reveals that deal flow stayed steady throughout the first three quarters of 2022, although the pace of activity has fallen somewhat.

SFA Partners’ Strategic Blueprint Addresses Control Of Fees In Sponsor Partner Content

Last week we also brought you the third and final installment of a series from Strategic Blueprint, an SFA Partners company, in Sponsor Partner Content. Julie Sullivan, President of Strategic Blueprint, makes the case that independent advisors should have flexibility to control their fee structures. Previous articles in the series addressed the control of client data and the investment management process.

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Larry Roth, CEO Wealth Solutions Repor

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