Examining The In-Branch Recruiting Trend

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

Plus The Latest Transitions, Transactions & Promotions, ESG For The Long Term, An RIA Roundtable, Alts On A Blockchain And Advice On Moving Employees Back To The Office

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Recruiting is evergreen

In the world of wealth management some topics remain evergreen, including the best recruitment arrangements for financial advisors. The available combinations of resources, marketing and client interaction tools, payouts and employment statuses are almost endless, not to mention softer factors such as camaraderie, access to management, service levels and personal goals.

A few months ago, we brought you expert commentary on a survey that found advisors don’t necessarily prefer the largest recruiters. Instead, the survey found a tendency for advisors to affiliate with smaller firms or smaller groups within large firms.

Back to the office?

This week we examine a related recruiting tendency – the trend towards in-branch recruiting – as advisors increasingly affiliate with teams within branches of larger organizations. We explore the drivers behind the trend, what type of advisor thrives under this arrangement and the potential compliance risks.

We also bring you a roundup of the latest in people moves, recruiting, M&A and strategic partnerships, a long-term view of ESG, alts trading on a blockchain, expert advice on working from home versus the office and a roundtable on the RIA industry.

This Week’s Issue

Women-led firms
ESG pushback

Barriers to liquidity
  • It’s blockchain-based, but it’s not cryptoassets! In our Digital Domain section, Scott Brooks, COO of RealBlocks, describes the need for increased liquidity in alternatives, the traditional barriers to liquidity and how secondary trading bulletin boards operating on a blockchain can address these liquidity problems. 

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Wealth Solutions Report

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