Regtech Firm ComplySci Partners With Apex Clearing for Direct Trading Data Feed

Michael Madden, Contributing Editor & Research Analyst,
Wealth Solutions Report

ComplySci’s Increasing Number of Direct Feeds Spotlights Trend as Firms Seek Better Accuracy and Security for Employee Trade Monitoring and Reporting

Wealthtech and regtech firmComplySci announced an exclusive partnership with custodian Apex Clearing Corporation, a Peak 6 company, to provide ComplySci’s clients with direct broker connectivity to Apex’s trading platform, raising the regtech company’s number of direct trading platform feeds to 225.

Direct trading platform feeds provide firms with a more accurate and reliable way to monitor and review employee trading over a secure connection so a firm’s compliance team can track and generate reports on employee trading.

Compliance must monitor trading

ComplySci’s CEO, Amy Kadomatsu, said, “This is just one more way in which we are working to ensure our customers never miss a thing by having access to the data they need most to lead a successful compliance program.”

Amy Kadomatsu, CEO, ComplySci

According to the press release, many direct feeds, including the ones to ComplySci’s platform, also serve data storage and central reporting functions, including tracking political contributions, conflicts of interest and Code of Ethics violations.

Tracking political contributions

Replacing Manual Data Entry

Kadomatsu stated that direct feeds obviate the need for manual data entry, “which reduces the risk associated with human error, non-reporting and other such challenges.”

Multiple compliance experts agree that direct, digital feeds that connect brokers and trading platforms are increasingly crucial to financial services firms of all kinds.  Currently, the default alternative to direct feeds is manual data entry, where there is higher risk for human error.

Race to Direct Feed Relationships

Prone to error

The increased emphasis on the benefits of direct feed relationships has created more heated competition among third-party compliance technology providers to lock in relationships with tech-friendly custodians such as Apex.

Kadomatsu emphasized that her firm focuses on providing comprehensive and scalable compliance solutions by undertaking such activities as setting up the direct feeds in-house rather than relying on third-party service providers.

“The burden continues to grow for firms to track, monitor and report on compliance-related regulations, which is why it is crucial compliance leaders be able to trust their data and its accuracy,” she said.

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