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Plus Loyal Relationships, How Inflation Affects Markets, Referral Generation, What “Boutique” Really Means and Monthly Bizarre News Roundup

Larry Roth, CEO,
Wealth Solutions Report

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

If you collected a dollar for every time someone told you about their excellent service standards, you’d outpace every lottery winner under the sun. That word – “service” – gets bandied around so freely that it tempts one to cynicism.

But service really does matter – hard as it is to capture in statistical and demonstrable data. How the barista treats you in the morning is quite real and not at all trivial – it sets, or ruins, the foundation of your morning, or even your entire day.

Service matters to advisors as well as clients, and those difficult-to-discern interactions will cause significant differences in advisor transitions, choosing third-party vendors, the valuation of your business, the “stickiness” of clients and ultimately the happiness and well-being of everyone involved.

Today we have several articles that touch on service from various angles, ranging across relationship building and loyalty, the definition of a true “boutique” and how to provide referral connections.

Diving into 95 years of history

We also bring you the latest in our industry’s most bizarre happenings, a thought-provoking dive  into 95 years of data to understand the connection between inflation and markets, and a new recruitment column launching this week.

Launching Our Recruitment Roundup and a Second Weekly E-blast

A new launch this week!

You asked for more coverage of recruitment, and I’m excited to announce that we delivered! We are launching a new weekly Recruitment Roundup in our Newsmakers Roundup section and a second weekly e-blast to bring the latest coverage of advisor recruitments directly to your inbox, with a commitment to bring you highlights across the full range of deal sizes.

This week, we cover the latest wins from Advisor Group,Sanctuary Wealth and Raymond James. See the new e-blast to learn more!

This Week’s Issue

Aside from the new launches, here’s what we have for you this week:

A great place for crypto!
  • In this month’s Bizarre Industry Bazaar, our James Miller has an epiphany about pessimism that I really can’t get behind as he covers an ex-LPL advisor who, after accusations of racism, sued the firm for $100 million, a “Spongebob” character used for financial videos, a fund that profits from pandemics, how Gen Z would rather follow TikTok video advice than an FA, and a crypto company setting up a data center in a hardened former military facility in North Dakota.
  • In our Wallet Share section, we spend time with Dan Flynn, Vice President and Head of Recruiting, Learning & Business Consulting at Prudential Financial, to discuss leveraging the broader organization’s capabilities, including its website, branding, education, workplace services and data capabilities, to generate leads and referrals for advisors affiliated with Prudential Advisors.
  • Would your advisors leave you if they could? In Upmarket, we speak with Alex Goss, the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of NewEdge Advisors, about driving growth through loyal relationships, the three necessary steps to a successful advisor transition and three top industry trends through 2023.
What’s the reality behind
the brochures?
  • What does “boutique” really mean? Also in Upmarket, Tim Edwards, the Co-CEO and Managing Partner of Prospera Financial Services, explains that a real boutique isn’t one because of a word on a marketing brochure, but because it meets standards for management accessibility, investment specialization, flexibility provided to advisors and high retention rates.

Send us your thoughts on today’s offerings, your ideas for future articles and the questions you’d like to hear an expert answer!

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Have a great week and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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