What’s Behind the W-2 Channel Resurgence?

Traditionally Independent Firms Now Building W-2 Structures.

Larry Roth, CEO,
Wealth Solutions Report

Plus, Recent M&A Transactions Highlight Emerging Financial Institutions and High-Net-Worth Trends

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

If you watch surfers at the beach this summer, you may reflect on their eternal quest for the “perfect wave” – that elusive ideal state where all elements combine in the best way possible. In wealth management, financial advisors seek something similar.

How do you find the ”perfect wave”?

In their case, the “perfect wave” is the ideal combination of external support and capital investment that gives them the opportunity to grow and serve their clients. Often this comes down to a fundamental decision: opt for independence or choose to become a W-2 employee of a large, well-resourced firm.  

As the industry trended towards independence in recent years, the W-2 arrangement looked set to wither. But that could be starting to change, with a rise in W-2 channels beginning to raise eyebrows. Are we experiencing the reversal of the independence trend – or something else?

With that question in mind, here’s what we have for you this week:

  • In theUpmarket section,Integrated Partners invests in a W-2 employment model for advisors. Is this part of a trend of independent firms moving into the W-2 channel? Jeff Nash, CEO and Co-Founder of BridgeMark Strategies, shares his views on why independent firms are making this move, the risks involved and the potential upsides.
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  • In this month’s Transitions, Transactions & Promotions column in our Newsmakers Roundup section, we bring you the latest in M&A, people moves and advisor transitions, including two transactions totaling $66 billion in the financial institutions space, a Pacific Northwest firm creating a chief revenue officer role, multiple transactions highlighting the high-net-worth client trend and more!
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Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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