Beware of Digital Wallet Thieves Cybersecurity Soundbites, Ep.1:

This episode of Cybersecurity Soundbites features an interesting, timely and useful conversation with Sid Yenamandra, founder and CEO of Entreda, an autonomous subsidiary of Smarsh. Based on the ongoing volatility in the Crypto Market, Sid and Jaseena discuss some of the top issues and best practices people should be thinking about at the intersection of Crypto and Cybersecurity. From Bitcoin and digital wallet breach risks, to how the FBI essentially hacked the hackers to find the culprits of the Colonial Pipeline case of 2021 – Sid weighs in on how that whole situation and similar instances like it – could’ve been avoided if proper cybersecurity strategies were in place from the start.

Watch the first episode of Cybersecurity Soundbites with Sid Yenamandra below:

Jaseena Ali, Multimedia Contributing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report

Cybersecurity Soundbites is hosted by Jaseena Ali, Multimedia Contributing Editor for Wealth Solutions Report.

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