Is It Time for ESG to Cut Oil Some Slack?

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

How ESG Views Oil and Natural Gas Shortages, Best Practices for Adopting New Regtech Systems, and More

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

If all the red in your clients’ portfolios has you feeling down, look at their energy stocks and you’ll find green. While most sectors fell this year to date, oil and natural gas companies performed well, but those green charts aren’t the only green in the hydrocarbons industry.

ESG proponents have long exerted pressure on the oil and gas sector because of the harmful environmental effects of emissions, causing many to search for ways to reduce pollution by investing in technologies that clean fuels for lower carbon emissions or renewable, emissions-free energy production.   

The recent hydrocarbon supply shortage stemming from sanctions against Russia placed oil and gas in the spotlight, with many asking whether the world needs more time to convert from fossil fuels to green energy sources. This week, we bring you the ESG point of view.

In addition, we spoke with a regtech leader to develop a step-by-step guide to go from making the decision to invest in compliance technology, through engaging a regtech partner, to implementing the new system with employees.

This Week’s Issue

Here are just a couple highlights of what we have for you this week:

Going from 0 to 1 with regtech can be tough. Get tips from Amy Kadomatsu in this week’s Digital Domain!
  • In our Investment Solutions & Gatekeepers section, we speak with Dennis Hammond, Head of Responsible Investment at Veriti, to understand how ESG proponents reacted to the recent oil and natural gas shortage driven by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and subsequent sanctions. Will the ESG world cut hydrocarbons some slack or double down? 
  • The decision to install or upgrade regtech is fraught with complexity. In our Digital Domain section, we spent time with Amy Kadomatsu, CEO of ComplySci, who simplified the process by setting out the major steps and considerations on the path from the initial decision to full implementation.

And in case you missed it, we covered some thought-provoking ground last week with these articles:

  • In Capital Connections, we brought you the highlights from the first quarter RIA M&A deal reports of investment banks ECHELON Partners and DeVoe & Company, including the slowdown in M&A deal activity in the first quarter noted in both reports. Is the slowdown a harbinger of things to come for 2022? We have the details for you.
What does 2022 have in store for M&A?
  • In our Digital Domain section, AltsAxis LLC announced the launch of a new mobile device-based platform that aims to overcome inefficiencies in the alternatives space by standardizing data on alternative investments and placing that data in a searchable format, with connection capabilities to bring fund managers together with RIAs, wealth managers and other allocators. AltsAxis’ Founder and CEO Mark Salameh shared his thoughts.

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We’re here to provide content that aligns with your interests and needs as growth-oriented participants in the wealth management space – So please continue to share your comments, questions and ideas!

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Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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