Financial Institutions Have New Tool for Highly Regulated e-Discovery Responsibilities

Smarsh’s New Ecosystem of Digital Solutions Enable Superior Legal Decisions at Reduced Costs, Complexities

Michael Madden, Contributing Editor & Research Analyst, Wealth Solutions Report

Smarsh, the Portland, Oregon-based software-as-a-service company, recently announced the launch of a cloud-enabled partner ecosystem designed to help firms tackle their mounting e-discovery responsibilities. 

Members of the partner ecosystem can leverage the company’s data science and engineering resources, which support faster, better-informed strategic legal decision-making and reduce costs, Smarsh said in a release. 

The announcement comes as e-discovery has become far more complex. For years, firms were able to rely on legacy, on-premise systems to deal with their capture, retention and supervisory responsibilities.  

Enough data to make your head spin

But remote and hybrid work trends – which have hastened the use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other similar collaboration tools, causing a massive spike in the volume and variety of electronic communications – has changed that. The amount of data involved, experts say, is just too great for firms to continue to lean on past approaches.   

Brian Cramer, CEO, Smarsh

“The e-discovery software market is evolving rapidly, and Smarsh is excited to partner with the leading technologies in the space,” Brian Cramer, CEO of Smarsh, said in a statement. 

The charter member of this new partner ecosystem is Reveal-Brainspace, an international firm that provides companies with AI-powered, early-case assessment and review tools. 

The launch of the ecosystem follows Smarsh’s acquisition of Digital Safe’s product line from Microfocus in November of last year, a move that boosted its archiving capabilities.

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