Recruiting Predictions from Commonwealth, Cambridge, Advisor Group-Affiliated Super-OSJ Groups

Top Independent FA Groups With Top Firms Discuss Recruiting Trends – Plus, Could Crypto Expertise Become an Advantage in Recruiting?

Larry Roth, CEO,
Wealth Solutions Report

To My Fellow WSR Community Members:

Happy Halloween in advance to all of you!

As somebody who fervently loves New York City, I can say this time of year when we start the transition from autumn to winter is always refreshing.  

From the fall foliage to the crisp air, there are multiple reminders that we are near the end of the year and it’s a good time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s on any unfinished business prior to the end of December.

Start strong, finish stronger!

And when it comes to unfinished business, FA recruiting is high on that list, with firms of all business models laser focused on ending the year with a bang. 

That’s why this week’s issue is in large part focused on financial advisor recruiting.  But we also have important analysis and insights on everything from cybersecurity best practices to driving greater gender and cultural diversity in the wealth management space.

Here’s what we specifically have on tap:

  • In our Upmarket section, WSR Recruiting Roundtable Chair and CEO of BridgeMark Strategies, Jeff Nash, discusses the outlook for financial advisor recruiting for the balance of this year and beyond with leaders of Super-OSJ and hybrid RIA groups affiliated with Advisor Group, Cambridge and Commonwealth.
  • For our Digital Domain section, Caitlin Cook of Onramp Academy, a crypto assets education platform for financial advisors, explores the increased importance of crypto expertise when it comes to resources wealth management firms must have to entice financial advisor recruits over to their platforms.
  • In Beltway & Beyond, Dale Brown of the Financial Services Institute shares best practices at the intersection of cybersecurity and the regulatory landscape.  One thing is clear:  Cybersecurity is very much top of mind for the regulators, which means wealth management firms and their professionals ignore the need for robust protections against cyber criminals at their own risk…and the potential regulatory costs could be very high.
There’s food for the body and
there’s food for the soul. I need both!

For those of you celebrating Halloween this coming weekend, we hope that this week’s issue serves up a sufficiently tasty menu of insightful content items – And most importantly, we thank each of you for your ongoing engagement and support!

Please be sure to check out next week’s issue, which will feature our monthly Investment Solutions Roundtable, with leaders across the wealth and asset management spaces discussing the future of crypto and other digital assets.


Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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