After the Deal is Done – Driving Seamless Integration and Ongoing Value-Add

The Real Work of Building a Valuable Business Commences After the Deal Agreements Have Been Executed

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

To the WSR Community:

After the wooing is done, the wedding bells have already sounded and the honeymoon is over, the real work of building a marriage starts. And each marriage will have its ups and downs. Many couples are able to build long and happy life partnerships, while many others fail to do so.

There’s a comparison to be found with the wealth management industry, given the ever-increasing M&A activity that has swept the space. Right now, the headlines continue to be dominated by transactional news: What firms have been acquired, which firms are on a buying spree, how much in client assets are involved, how many other deals are in the hopper.

As somebody with deep and extensive professional roots as an investment banker, I love deals as much as the next M&A hound, and of course, I closely follow news of this nature.

But as an executive who has served as CEO at some of the largest wealth management firms in the country, I can say without a shadow of doubt that the real work of thoughtful integration and ongoing value creation happens after the deal papers are signed.

Let’s get started with the real deal!

That’s why the WSR team is pleased to present you with our latest week’s issue, which can be summed up as follows: What happens after the deal is done? How can firms and financial advisors most effectively integrate their businesses and create ongoing post-transaction value for themselves, their customers, end clients and others?

Here’s what’s in store for this week:

  • Our latest Capital Connections section features a Q&A with Hightower Chairman and CEO Bob Oros, who discusses how the firm goes far beyond dealmaking to support its RIAs through multiple ongoing business growth solutions.  As detailed in the article, the approach Bob is taking would seem to be working well, with the firm’s asset growth last year 38.6% greater than in 2019.  Moreover, Hightower crossed the $100 billion in total assets threshold in August.
  • In our Words in Edgewise section’s monthly “Taxing Times” column by Mike Cody, CPA, we explore how independent wealth managers who are acquiring firms can do so in ways that maximize tax advantages for their businesses after the deals have been completed.
  • This week’s Wallet Share section opens the floor for Susan Danzig, an expert sales and business development coach for teams of financial advisors as well as individual advisors.  Danzig shares insights and guidance based on her nearly 25 years of experience on how independent FA businesses that have merged or made an acquisition most effectively integrate client prospecting teams once a deal has been completed.
  • In the Investment Solutions section, Jud Mackrill, Chief Experience Officer for Mammoth Investors LLC, walks us through how high net worth and ultra-high net worth wealth managers can best approach connecting their clients with venture capital investment opportunities, as interest in non-public investment opportunities among the wealthiest investors in the country continues to climb.
  • In our Digital Domain section, we address cybersecurity best practices for independent FA businesses that are going through a merger or acquisition.  Speaking to this topic is the newly-appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Advisor Group, Clayton Chandler, a former Credit Suisse cybersecurity senior leader, as well as a veteran of the National Security Agency.

Finally, just a quick note about how last week’s issue and this week’s issue are related:  We listened to extensive feedback from you, our readers and community members, towards the end of the summer about how you wanted more analysis and insights about financial advisor recruiting as well as post-M&A integration and value-add strategies.

I’d like to think we’ve delivered on both through these past two weeks, and I’d also like to thank all of you for more than delivering on views and engagement, which surged to record highs for WSR, even relative to our broader picture of month-over-month readership increases since our launch in early April this year.

It is a true pleasure and privilege to make good on our mission of delivering a wealth management industry media platform that gives industry participants actionable insights, analysis and commentary on the subjects that are most relevant to you and your businesses.

As we move forward with the balance of 2021, please keep your feedback going!  Let us know what content items resonated most with you, let us know what you’d like to hear more about, and as always, please share the articles you have enjoyed with your industry friends, colleagues and other contacts.

Thank you for your continued support.  And as always, we encourage you to share articles that you find especially enjoyable and insightful with your colleagues, industry friends and other contacts, both via email and social media.


Larry Roth, CEO
Wealth Solutions Report

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