Paging Dr. Panic Attack! EQ training for resurgent pandemic anxieties – Plus, de-escalating client complaints and advocacy for retail investors

The spike in pandemic-related worry among advisors and clients is real

Operations, Technology and Strategy Aside, the Business of Wealth Management Remains Driven by Relationships and People

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

Fellow WSR Community Members –

For all the talk about process, technology and strategy that dominate conversations about the wealth management industry, it’s easy to overlook that the business of financial advice continues to be principally driven by people and relationships.

And the human side of financial advice is the key topic that we’re focused on in this week’s edition of Wealth Solutions Report:  Encompassing everything from how financial advisors are handling a new spike in pandemic-related anxiety, to how advisors and firms are engaging with each other and with the legislators and regulators to advocate for their clients.  

And for good measure, we also are sharing some best practices on how financial advisors can soothe the nerves of deeply dissatisfied clients in a compliant way.

Here’s what we have on tap in this week’s issue:

  • In the latest Health & Wealth section:  Beacon Partners Co-Founder Meg Hanington, a rising star in the business coaching community, chats with WSR Contributing Editor James Miller about EQ – emotional intelligence – and how EQ training programs are increasingly crucial for the home office staff members and financial advisors across wealth management firms who are trying to manage a fresh surge of anxieties about the future, driven in part by the resurgence of pandemic risks.
  • WSR’s Beltway & Beyond section:  Financial Services Institute President & CEO Dale Brown discusses the group’s Advocacy Circle of Excellence and how the advisors and wealth management enterprise officials recognized through this program are going above and beyond to support the industry and the thousands of clients that depend on it for high-quality financial advice.

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Larry Roth, CEO

Wealth Solutions Report

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