Throw… Sister from the Train? Plus, Docupace on Strategic Transformation of the Back Office Experience!

This Week’s Issue: The Toxic Brew of Sibling Feuding in a Family-Owned Firm, Why Back Office Technology Could Shape Future Industry Growth and More!

Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

To the WSR community:

We’re in the final lap of summer, and we’re pleased to share this week’s issue with each of you, covering the following:

  • In our Upmarket section, we’re thrilled to roll out our inaugural Ask the Experts Panel, where we take anonymously submitted reader dilemmas about their business and solicit guidance on how to best address from experts, each from a different – but relevant – professional background.
  • In this week’s Ask the Experts Panel, the majority equityholder of a second generation family-owned independent wealth management firm seeks guidance from our experts – including Anh Tran of SageMint Wealth, Scott Matasar of Matasar Jacobs LLC and Brian Bunker of Stratos Wealth Partners – on how to potentially part ways with his sister and minority partner in the business.
Sibling feuds aren’t just for kids!
  • For the latest in our Digital Domain section, we connected with David Knoch, CEO of Docupace, on his vision for transforming the back office platforms for wealth  management firms to create a vastly improved financial advisor and end client service experience.  
  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David for many years during his time as President of 1st Global (now part of Blucora / Avantax Wealth Management).  He had a talent for helping financial advisors identify and adopt new solutions to drive their business growth, and I’m not surprised to see how successful David has been in reinvigorating Docupace and building out the company’s strategic vision and capabilities.
  • Not to be undone, James Miller in our Words in Edgewise section shares his thoughts on why financial advisors need to be ready to break the hard news to their clients about why their gift cards and membership reward points could be on the verge of a gigantic reduction in real purchasing power.  It’s rare to meet somebody who gets so much pleasure out of sharing bleak thoughts about even day to day, routine issues, but it takes all kinds to make the world go round, I suppose.
Some people just love “dancing in the rain,” so to speak.

Most importantly, WSR is well on track to generate another consecutive month of growth in unique monthly visitors and audience engagement across our website, e-blasts and social media platforms (especially LinkedIn).  

Thanks so much to the members of our WSR community, who have so rapidly turned an interesting side endeavor for me into a rapidly booming platform – Even throughout the summer months, when readership levels historically decline!

As always, please like and share content from WSR that piques your interest. We thank you for your continued support!


Larry Roth

CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

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