As Billy Joel Said, We Didn’t Start the Fire

Could ESG alternative investments contribute in the fight against climate change?

To my fellow WSR community members:

As the Billy Joel song goes, “We didn’t start the fire – No, we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it.”  

Beyond a moment of 80s rock nostalgia, it’s a pop culture reference that occurred to me as our editorial team pulled together the top feature story of this week’s issue, which is all about the rise in demand for ESG alt investment solutions as headlines about various climate change-driven disasters continue to proliferate – And how wealth management firms and investment solutions providers are collaborating to address this demand.

The article, masterfully researched and written by Contributing Editor Michael Madden, includes the results of our latest WSR investing survey, combined with terrific insights from Angeles Wealth Management, Greenbacker Capital, Kelly Park Capital and Gideon Strategic Partners.

Our other stories for this week’s issue are equally compelling, including:

  • Capital Connections – What can wealthtech entrepreneurs do to best position themselves to attract growth equity investment from top-tier venture investors?  Jennifer Lee, Principal at Edison Partners and head of the firm’s fintech investing group, provides these details and more.
  • Noteworthy Notes – Many of you may recall that Andrew Parker of asset manager Horizon Kinetics shared his thoughts with WSR in April about why significant inflation risk is a real possibility.  While his piece generated quite a bit of debate among our readers at the time, it’s clear that the question today is not whether inflation is starting to kick up, but how bad it will be…and how long it will last.  
Larry Roth, CEO, Wealth Solutions Report
  • Andrew’s earned the right to say “I told you so” about inflation risk, and we’ve given him the chance to further elaborate on what he believes is next on the inflation front…and how wealth management firms and their financial advisors can best prepare their clients.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the month of July was our latest consecutive month of double-digit growth in page views, click-throughs and multiple other metrics for audience gain and audience engagement.  

When we first launched WSR in early April this year, it was very much a “Field of Dreams” approach.  We built it, and then we relied on continuous feedback from the members of our WSR community to keep improving the look, feel and functionality, while tracking towards the key subjects and content items that you wanted.

The enormous momentum and growth we’re experiencing is due to your engagement and feedback.  Thanks for your continued support of WSR, and as always, please share content that resonates with you among your friends and contacts.


Larry Roth

CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

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