Intellectual Capital-Based FA Marketing, Employee Firms Growing Independent Platforms and More

Intellectual Capital-Driven Marketing, Multichannel Wealth Management and FSI OneVoice All on the Horizon

To my fellow WSR community members:

It’s great to be back in the saddle, and thanks to Contributing Editor James Miller for filling in with last week’s Letters from Larry.

We have a terrific new issue this week, encompassing expert commentary on financial advisor marketing, recruiting growth, regulatory affairs and the future of healthcare for independent advisors.

  • The massive drop and subsequent gain in the markets during the opening days of this week underscore how financial advisor marketing and communications may be entering a new phase.  Gone are the days when we could count on steadily rising markets that go up with easy predictability.  While the markets are up overall as of this point in the week of July 19, extreme volatility continues to drive client anxiety.  
  • Joan Khoury, Chief Marketing Officer of Oppenheimer & Co., discusses how financial advisors can make intellectual capital that helps clients better understand the inner workings of the markets and the economy, a brand advantage in driving new business and greater client engagement.  Check out her article in this week’s Wallet Share section.
  • As the race for growth across the wealth management space intensifies, we’re seeing more firms that have historically been focused on supporting W2 employee advisors begin to look at expansion in the independent channel.  
  • Stifel Financial Group’s appointment of Alex David to the role of CEO of Stifel Independent Advisors underscores the changing dynamics of this segment of the wealth management space.  Alex, who previously served as the number two executive in charge of Wells Fargo FiNet, discusses his vision for growth of Stifel Independent Advisors and his view of the future of our industry.
  • Finally, we’ve selected five announcements from across the wealth management space that we believe underscore a broader trend that should be of interest to our WSR community members.  From recruiting in the tax savvy financial advisor segment by a fast-growing Cetera branch to innovative new deals from fintech leaders like Docupace, the past few months have been exciting for our industry.

Please like and share content from WSR that you find interesting, and thanks for your continued engagement with us!


Larry Roth

CEO, Wealth Solutions Report

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