Top Newsmakers Roundup: Week Of 4/12/21

Each month, I select five to ten of the most interesting stories that I’ve read over the past month or so throughout the wealth management industry media.

I tell you what each article is about in summary, and why it matters to a broader industry audience.  Hope you enjoy the latest curated selection below!  Cheers, Larry Roth (CEO, Wealth Solutions Report)

  1. Digital Wealth News / Cindy Taylor / March 17, 2021: “Financial Advisor Digital Marketing In A Post-Pandemic World

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care: Digital Wealth News examines the digital marketing strategies and tools that will continue to be used by financial advisors long after the pandemic is over…as well as the solutions that won’t have a longer shelf life.  Interesting perspectives from Joan Khoury, CMO of Oppenheimer; Joel Bruckenstein, Founder of T3; Laurie Erhbar, CMO of Smarsh; and Susan Theder, CMO of Advisor Group.
  2. FA Magazine / Eric Rasmussen / April 1, 2021: “IBDs Navigate The Pandemic

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care:  I’d like to say “because I’m quoted in this story,” but that’s not it.  FA Magazine’s Eric Rasmussen, as always, provides thoughtful analysis on the key financial and business drivers for IBDs operating throughout the pandemic environment – And where the IBD space could be headed.
  3. Investment News / Dale Brown / February 16, 2021: “Financial Services Institute Advocacy Priorities for 2021

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care: The Biden White House Administration, combined with a change in party control of the US Senate, could drive legislative and regulatory changes with a significant impact on the wealth management space – Dale Brown, CEO of FSI, provides a clear and crisp summary of what firms and financial advisors can expect, and what it could mean for their businesses.
  4. WealthManagement / Diana Britton / March 5, 2021:  “Meghan McCartan Takes Top Marketing Role at HighTower

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care:  Diana Britton has always had a unique ability to get into the minds of her interview subjects and demonstrate what makes them tick.  In this story, Diana looks at the appointment of seasoned marketing strategist Meghan McCartan to the top marketing role at HighTower.  She does a great job of doing so within the context of RIA aggregators are helping financial advisors communicate their value proposition, while laddering those efforts up to a broader corporate strategy.
  5. Financial Planning / Tobias Salinger / March 4, 2021:  “Mission-Driven M&A Deal:  Robasciotti & Philipson Merges with Abacus

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care:  In an era when diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) issues are taking center stage, it’s refreshing to see independent wealth management firms rising to the occasion.  Toby Salinger’s coverage of the merger of two firms that together have a unique emphasis on impact-driven investments and planning as well as social justice issues nicely captures a broader cultural trend.
  6. ThinkAdvisor / Jeff Berman / March 25, 2021: “Pershing-Orion Deepens Integrations + Other Tech News

    What It’s About – Why You Should Care:  I honestly don’t know how Jeff Berman manages to cover so much of the fintech waterfront so effectively in each weekly roundup.  This particular roundup near the end of March contained some multiple gems, including the future of custodial-wealthtech integrations by way of Pershing and Orion’s evolving relationship, as well as Wealthforge’s continued success in deploying its Altigo platform for firms interested in digitizing their retail alts offerings to financial advisors.
  7. Financial Advisor Magazine / Larry Roth / April 1, 2021: “How Independent Broker-Dealers Compete Now

    What IT’s About – Why You Should Care: Independent broker-dealers could be more well-positioned to disrupt the RIA space than at any other time over the past 15 years.  Thanks to Evan Simonoff and his team at FA Magazine for running my latest editorial on how IBDs could effectively enter the RIA segment and play to win.
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