Q&A: Demystifying Next-gen Clients

Eva Agi is an Investment Advisor Representative at Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management.

WSR: What are some of the most common questions you get from young, first time, millennial investor clients?

Agi: For all of my young millennial clients, I get one question across the board and it’s always, is now a good time to get in? And my answer is usually the same. We want to dollar cost average into the market because you can’t time the market but you can give yourself the best odds at success long-term.

WSR: What are the biggest misperceptions about clients like that?

Agi: One of the biggest misperceptions about young millennial clients is that they have to have a ton of money to start investing. The truth is, is that even a small amount invested on a monthly basis, can amass to a small fortune in a long period of time.

WSR: What are your strategies for reaching a younger clientele and for reaching more women?

Agi: One of our strategies for reaching a younger clientele is the use of social media. Specifically with women, we create podcasts, webinars, that are designated towards the needs of women that differ from those of men. So whether it’s pregnancy, fertility, children, we address it all.

WSR: Describe why a company being diverse and having an inclusive culture is important.

Agi: Diversity and inclusivity is extremely important and the main reason is because you get different perspectives at the end of the day. Ultimately, if you’re seeing everything through one set of eyes, you’re only seeing one side of the story.

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