Letters from Larry: Welcome!

Dear Wealth Management Industry Professionals –

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Wealth Solutions Report, a digital platform for insights, analysis and thought leadership for the wealth management space. As you may know, I’ve been fortunate to serve in multiple positions across the wealth management industry – as a CEO, board director, private equity investor, and M&A investment banker. 

We exist to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals and households, helping people to meet their broader goals and lead more fulfilled lives for themselves, their families, and their loved ones. 

This is an ideal that transcends any one person, and my decision to launch Wealth Solutions Report (WSR) is therefore very much a labor of love for me. 

Our Mission

At WSR, we’re focused on bringing together the incredible people, ideas and businesses that exist across the industry, under the following mission:

  • Delivering relevant and actionable business insights and growth strategies from wealth management industry leaders– To wealth management firms, their professionals and the business that serve them, from third-party asset managers, to third-party consultants, to fintech solutions providers, and beyond
  • Building bridges between sources of private capital interested in partnering with wealth management businesses to help them grow, and the businesses and professionals who are driving the future of wealth management
  • Doing all of this with “snackable length” multimedia content that informs, entertains and elevates the conversations about our industry

I encourage you to register to read unlimited free content on our website, share content with your colleagues and friends, and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Please join me and our Wealth Solutions Report community on this exciting journey!

Larry Roth
Founder + CEO
Wealth Solutions Report

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